WWE: Five Superstars that will benefit from the Superstar Shake Up

The Superstar Shake Up witnessed multiple shocking moments

Last week, the WWE Universe witnessed the landscape of the company change for good, with multiple Superstars from RAW, SmackDown Live and NXT trading brands. Some were traded as a group, while a few tag teams were broken up.

The Superstar Shake Up is seen as a way for WWE to freshen things up, while at the same time, the WWE Superstars will get one more opportunity to resuscitate their flailing careers. As expected, there were a few predictable swaps, while a few Superstars can use this opportunity to revive their careers in the company.

In this article, we take a look at five Superstars that will benefit from the Superstar Shake Up.

#5 Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

The Good Brothers have been nothing more than an afterthought on RAW, and the Superstars that put the tag team division on notice in Japan have been relegated to side show acts. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have been a dominant tag team, but with WWE using them to put others over, they have lost that spark in the company.

Moving them to SmackDown Live would not only freshen things up on the blue brand, but it would also give the duo the opportunity to climb the proverbial ladder on the brand. Considering the fact that there are only a handful of tag teams on SmackDown Live, Anderson and Gallows can once again challenge for the tag team gold.

#4 Chad Gable

Gable and Benjamin had been going nowhere on SmackDown Live. When Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were brought up to the main roster, they were expected to carry the tag team division for the next few years. However, WWE decided to break them up, and sent Jordan to RAW, while Gable was paired with Shelton Benjamin.
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That experiment hasn’t worked thus far, and Gable can now focus on his singles career, and replicate Jason’s success on the red brand. While Jordan has to sit out due to his neck injury, Gable can take his place, and can focus on his singles career.

#3 Jeff Hardy

The new United States Champion might’ve beaten Jinder Mahal on his final night on RAW, but Jeff has very little role to play on RAW. While Hardy has been out of action for months recuperating from his shoulder injury, one also felt that his time on the red brand was limited, considering the amount of talent available at the company’s disposal.

Moving Jeff to SmackDown Live is the right thing to do, considering the fact that WWE wants to go ahead with the team of Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. Jeff can now focus on singles competition, and go after the WWE Championship after dropping the United States title. A decade ago, Jeff Hardy draped the WWE title over his shoulder, and the Superstar can once again set his sights on the richest prize in the business.

#2 Samoa Joe

Similar to Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe had to sit out for a few months with an injury, and while he returned on RAW to challenge Roman Reigns, the Samoan Submission Machine needs more opportunities, which he is sure to get on the blue brand.

SmackDown Live, dubbed the ‘Land of Opportunities’ will surely see Samoa Joe facing top Superstars, and unlike his time on RAW, he won’t be used as a stepping stone to put over other talent. Joe is an incredible worker, and has mic skills are second to none. The history between Joe, Bryan and AJ Styles would also make for compelling television.

#1 The Miz

Talking about Daniel Bryan, one of the biggest names to be drafted during the Superstar Shake Up was that of The Miz. The animosity between The Miz and Bryan isn’t something the fans haven’t forgotten, and while the WWE Universe wanted to see Bryan and Miz throw down on SmackDown Live last year, they will finally get their wish this time around.

With Bryan getting cleared to wrestle, this was one of the dreams feud the fans wanted to see. The WWE management understands the importance and magnitude of their rivalry, and the fact that they can create two gigantic Superstars from the feud. The promos, matches and the rivalry between Miz and Daniel Bryan undoubtedly makes this the biggest draft during the 2018 Superstar Shake Up.

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