WWE: Five major surprises we can witness at Hell In A Cell

Will we see a similar image at Hell In A Cell?

The Hell In A Cell, in all its Hadean glory will once again make an appearance on WWE TV. This Sunday, we will witness yet another demolition – derby inside the demonic steel structure, as mere mortals try to defy the laws of physics, and push their bodies beyond their physical limits.

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens finally settle the scores, as their animosity manifests into a battle of epic proportions. ‘Boy Wonder’ and the rampaging Kevin Owens will be locked inside the Hell In A Cell, with both men more than capable of using their bodies as battering rams.

The time for talk and cheap jokes are now over, as Jinder Mahal defends his WWE Championship against ‘The King of Strong Style’. Nakamura came to the blue brand to much fanfare, but one believes that the Japanese sensation needs to back up the hype, for him to remain as a key figure on SmackDown Live.

Saying that, one cannot look past the history of the pay – per – view, and how it has almost always thrown up a surprise or two. This Sunday will be no different, as the WWE management would want to throw a curveball or two, to make it a memorable showdown. So what can the fans expect from HIAC? We take a look at five major surprises that can unfold at Hell In A Cell this weekend.

#1 Shinsuke Nakamura wins the WWE Championship at Hell In A Cell

The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion came to WWE with a cloud of mystery over his head. Would WWE actually push someone like Nakamura, considering Vince and his peculiar disdain towards pushing Superstars with an accent? Or could Nakamura be the one to finally break the chain, and become a success in the company?

His NXT run quelled those fears to a lesser degree, but Shinsuke’s biggest test would come against Jinder Mahal. So far, the WWE Creative emphasised on building Nakamura as the head strong challenger, who did not get sidetracked with the champion’s comments.

Nakamura can go one step further at HIAC, and take the title off Jinder Mahal. While many believe that Shinsuke is still not ready to become the WWE Champion, quite a lot see Jinder winning the title as a precedent for WWE putting title on a Superstar, for a purpose that is unobtrusive.

#2 Kevin Owens wrestles his last match on SmackDown Live, and puts Shane out of commission

It is safe to say that Kevin Owens is currently numero uno on the McMahons’ most wanted list. The former Universal Champion is a whole new animal once he flips the switch, and he showed glimpses of just how ruthless he can be over the past few weeks. From assaulting the elderly to almost rendering Sami Zayn mute, Owens has truly snapped.

This does not bode well for Shane McMahon, who is hellbent on taking Kevin on a personal trip tp Hurtsville. Things are bound to get ugly, and if history has taught us anything, it is that Shane will pull out all the stops, and give us an “Oh My God!” moment come Sunday.

With the rumours swirling about Owens jumping ships to RAW after HIAC, we could possibly see the Commissioner being taken out of commission at HIAC. Maybe another leap of faith? Yet another 30 foot dive from the scaffolding? With Shane McMahon, his greatest attribute is the unpredictability.

#3 The Anti – Diva returns to WWE TV 

Couple of months ago, the former WWE Divas Champion, and one of the women who found her feet planted smack down in the centre of the “revolution” of women in WWE, Paige posted a note, saying she was close to making her in – ring return.

Since then, the dirt sheets picked up on the possibility of Paige being moved to SmackDown Live, where while there is no dearth in female talent, the roster could do with some additional star power. Paige hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for over a year, and the Anti Diva could make her return at Hell In A Cell, following the match between Charlotte Flair and Natalya.

What better way to make an impact, than go after the two women who are currently feuding for the SmackDown Women’s Championship after their bout at Hell In A Cell?

#4 Carmella cashes – in her MITB contract

Yet another Superstar that could make her presence felt during the women’s title match is Carmella. Ever since she won the MITB contract, “The Princess of Staten Island” hasn’t seriously considered cashing in her contract.

While most of it has to do with timing, it also had to do with the fact that she couldn’t find the right moment, with the champion being prone and unable to defend herself.

However, if we know anything about Natalya and Charlotte Flair, it is the fact that both women step up their game when they face each other. Put it down to the storied rivalry between the Harts and the Flairs, or just the fact that the second and third generation Superstars want to make a statement, especially against each other.

So if Carmella finds the opening, we may very well crown a new SmackDown Women’s Champion one way or the other!

#5 Return of The King of Kings

Kevin Owens Triple H Universal Championship

As outlandish and farfetched as it may seem, Triple H is bound to appear on WWE TV sooner or later. The Game is rumoured to face a top Superstar at WrestleMania, possibly his swan song as a professional wrestler.

And who better for the multiple time WWE Champion to face than his ‘Chosen One’? Not too long ago, Triple H handed the Universal Championship to Kevin Owens. But with his favourite pet project running riot in the company, Triple H may take it upon himself to serve some humble pie to Owens.

This could also lead to Kevin jumping ships to RAW, where he can continue his feud with Triple H, leading to a showdown at either the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. As it is often said in the wrestling business, expect the unexpected!

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