WWE Fastlane – Randy Orton wins United States title, Asuka to face Charlotte Flair, Shane costs Owens and Zayn

Nakamura and Styles competed at Fastlane

The final stop before WrestleMania 34 was an eventful one. WWE Fastlane witnessed six Superstars vying for the opportunity to walk into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. AJ Styles had his back against the wall, as the champion walked in with a huge disadvantage. Shane McMahon was at ringside to keep a close eye on the proceedings, and as it turned out, he had a major role to play in deciding the outcome of the bout.

Charlotte Flair defended her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ruby Riott, with the Riott Squad keeping a close eye on the proceedings. Ruby defeated Charlotte on SmackDown Live, but could the renegade pick up an upset victory over the ‘Queen’ when it matters the most?

The SmackDown Tag Team titles were up for grabs as well, as The Usos defended the championship against The New Day. The United States Champion, Bobby Roode put his championship on the line against The Viper.

Here are the results from the final PPV before WrestleMania 34, WWE Fastlane.

Fastlane Kick – off show:

Tye Dillinger and Breezango defeated Mojo Rawley, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

The kick off show featured a six – man tag team match, thrown in at the last minute. Breezango are left in a limbo after their brief feud with The Bludgeon Brothers, where Harper and Rowan absolutely destroyed the comedy act. Dillinger, who started strong on the main roster, has quickly fizzled out, and is no longer the novelty act that he once was.

Mojo Rawley was expected to have a major year in 2017 – 2018, but once again, was left grasping at straws at Fastlane. However, the one team you have to feel sorry for is Gable – Benjamin, who could’ve been tag team champions if booked properly, but going into WrestleMania, aren’t even guaranteed of getting a spot on the card.

Main card:

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Rusev (with Aiden English)

Rusev and Nakamura kicked off the PPV, with Aiden English once again outdoing himself with the introduction. The fans were firmly behind Rusev, with the ‘Rusev Day’ chants taking over the arena. It’s quite puzzling why WWE wants to keep a lid on the fans’ appreciation for Rusev, but at Fastlane, the company took yet another big step in killing Rusev’s momentum.

Nakamura and Rusev went back and forth, with the Bulgarian Brute holding his own till the very end. Rusev showed that he can hang with the best, and was very impressive. In the end however, Nakamura, who is scheduled to face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania, picked up the victory as he marched towards the mega event.

Randy Orton defeated Bobby Roode to win the WWE United States Championship

Bobby Roode hasn’t won over the fans the way you would’ve expected him to, but that is also because of how ridiculous and callous the booking can be sometimes. The saga started with three former world champions bickering over who’d make the ‘top 10’ list on SmackDown Live, a petulant, childish argument that you’d find in the third grade.

The WWE United States title was up for grabs, as Roode and Orton went back and forth, with the challenger pulling out all the stops on the road to WrestleMania. Roode worked a methodical pace, similar to Orton in many ways. During the end, Roode went to the top rope, but was caught with an RKO on his way down! Orton pinned Roode to become the new United States Champion.

Post match, Jinder Mahal attacked Orton, but Roode dropped Jinder with the Glorious DDT. He then picked up Orton and planted him with yet another Glorious DDT!

Natalya and Carmella defeated Becky Lynch and Naomi

Carmella’s Money In The Bank win seems to be a moot point at this time. What was supposed to bring intrigue, excitement and unpredictability is nothing more than a mere prop for Carmella to use during her matches. It’s as if the creative team isn’t even trying to build her as a credible threat for the cash – in.

Natalya and Carmella worked on Becky and Naomi until the final stages, where Becky rallied to get her team back into the match. Carmella however sent Naomi crashing outside the ring with a left elbow shot, and proceeded to pin Lynch to pick up the victory for her team.

Charlotte Flair defeated Ruby Riott (with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan) to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship

While Charlotte Flair succeeded in beating Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott won their encounter, leading to a title match at Fastlane. Ruby wasn’t built as a credible threat to the title, with Naomi, Becky and Charlotte getting the upper hand during their encounters.

Riott succeeded in keeping Charlotte relatively quiet for the majority of the match, but the ‘Queen’ showed her strength with an electric chair attempt – leading to Ruby getting her face planted on the turnbuckles. Charlotte ended the bout with the Figure Eight, forcing a tap from Riott.

Post match, Asuka made her way out, and pointed to the WrestleMania sign. Flair will put the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line against the Empress of Tomorrow at WrestleMania 34!

The Usos and The New Day battled to a no – contest for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Jey and Jimmy faced Woods and Kofi Kingston at Fastlane, with the tag team titles hanging in the balance. The Usos and The New Day have put on some stellar matches in the past, and looked set to emulate their previous work.

Kofi and Woods initially had the upper hand, only for the champions to turn the tables. The Usos connected with a big splash on the outside, but The Bludgeon Brothers interrupted the match, and destroyed both the teams!

Harper and Rowan showed the kind of mean streak that was missing from the WWE Superstars, as they laid waste to all the five Superstars at ringside. Rowan and Harper planted Woods back first onto the steel steps, as the medical team tended to the Superstars. The duo left carnage at ringside, leading to the title match ending in a no contest.

AJ Styles defeated John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn to retain the WWE Championship

The main event kicked off with John Cena dropped all but the WWE Champion with Attitude Adjustments! The four Superstars then returned with a vengeance, as all five men ganged up on Cena, taking him out of the equation for a while. The story told during the bout was about how AJ Styles was desperate to hang on to the title, and had to have an eye at the back of his head throughout, to stop Superstars from pinning each other.

AJ was sent crashing through a table for his troubles by Cena however, and the champion was taken out briefly. Owens and Sami then turned on each other, leading to both men slugging it out. Owens went for a Superkick, only for Sami to move out of the way, as Kevin accidentally kicked Shane! The Commissioner then went out of his way to ensure that Owens and Sami wouldn’t win the WWE Championship, as Styles recuperated, and connected with the Flying Forearm to pick up the win, and retain the WWE Championship in the process.

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