WWE Backlash: Preview and predictions

The Pay – Per – Views come thick and fast, as we’re just days away from WWE Backlash. The SmackDown Live exclusive PPV will see the WWE Championship being defended. Randy Orton will take on Jinder Mahal, while The Singh Brothers will likely have a part to play in the outcome. Mahal, in recent weeks, has had Orton’s number. So will the ‘Maharaja’ be successful in winning the prestigious title?

On the women’s side of things, WWE announced a major six woman tag team match for the show. The Welcoming Committee will take on the trio of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Naomi. Charlotte Flair is currently playing the role of a ‘tweener’. Will the ‘Queen’ help her teammates? Or will she got out for herself?

The WWE United States Championship will be up for grabs as well. ‘The New Face of America’, Kevin Owens will defend the title against AJ Styles. Both men have been successful in getting under each other’s skin in recent weeks. Will the Phenomenal One be successful in bringing back the title to the US? Or will the Canadian hold on to the title?

Today, we preview the PPV, and give you our predictions.

Kick – off show:

Tye Dillinger versus Aiden English

The Perfect Ten will take on the resident Drama King to kick off the evening. Dillinger has been impressive since being brought to Tuesday nights, while Aiden is still finding his feet as a singles competitor. Neither Superstar is currently involved in a major feud, so WWE decided to throw them together in a mid card bout. Expect Dillinger to walk out with the victory.

Winner: Tye Dillinger

Main card:

Luke Harper versus Erick Rowan

The two former Wyatt Family members collide on the Pay Per View. Not too long ago, Harper was considered to be the breakout star, but now has to settle for a match with Rowan. The feud between the two former allies might not be enticing, but it could be a way to put Harper over.

Rowan is stuck in a limbo, while Harper needs a big feud to break into the upper echelons on SmackDown Live. Expect Luke Harper to pick up the victory, and hopefully, be involved in more prominent feuds going forward.

Winner: Luke Harper

Sami Zayn versus Baron Corbin

When Sami Zayn was considered a surplus to requirements on RAW, a lot of people thought he should move to SmackDown Live. In fact, Sami and Cesaro lobbied to get drafted to the blue brand. However, it hasn’t worked out all too well for Sami, as he finds himself in yet another mediocre feud.

Corbin has been unable to find that one defining moment or rivalry, that would propel him into the upper mid card/main event level. After his underwhelming rivalry with Ziggler, Corbin hasn’t done anything substantial. The rivalry between Sami and Corbin is expected to continue, with The Lone Wolf picking up the victory at Backlash.

Winner: Baron Corbin

The Usos versus Breezango for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Breezango have had a career resurgence of sorts, ever since they moved to SmackDown Live. Fandango and Tyler Breeze were nothing more than comic reliefs on RAW. However, they now find themselves challenging for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship! As a matter of fact, Breezango have been the most entertaining part of SmackDown Live in the past couple of weeks!

The Usos have also benefitted with their newly found mean streak. The tag team champions will walk into Backlash as the firm favourites. While the fans wouldn’t mind seeing Breezango continue their impressive form by winning the gold, The Usos will likely retain the titles this Sunday.

Winner and still the SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The Usos

Shinsuke Nakamura versus Dolph Ziggler

When Nakamura debuted on SmackDown Live, the fans expected Nakamura to take the blue brand by storm. However, the WWE Creative thought it’d be better to save Nakamura’s ‘big match’ for a PPV, and that is set to go down this Sunday. Ziggler’s heel turn hasn’t really gone over too well with the fans, with his previous string of losses hurting his stock.

Nakamura and Ziggler will likely steal the show at Backlash, and their bout might raise both their stocks in the company. Shinsuke needs an impressive debut bout on the main roster, while Ziggler needs to put in some impressive performances. Nakamura will walk in as the firm favourite to win the match, and we can expect a solid bout between the two Superstars.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Kevin Owens versus AJ Styles for the WWE United States Championship

The other enticing match on the card is the one featuring Kevin Owens and AJ Styles. The WWE United States title will be on the line, as Owens tries to cement his place as the new face of SmackDown Live.

Kevin Owens won the US title from Chris Jericho, while AJ Styles has been moved to a mid card title match after dropping the WWE Championship earlier this year. With the involvement of two of the hottest stars in the company, the US title is seen as the ‘major’ title on the blue brand. While it is too soon for KO to drop the title, WWE can make it interesting by crowning AJ as the new US champion.

Winner and the new WWE United States Champion: AJ Styles

The Welcoming Committee versus Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Becky Lynch in a six woman tag team match

The SmackDown Women’s Champion teams up with Becky and Charlotte Flair to face Natalya, Carmella and Tamina. There are reports making rounds that WWE doesn’t want to turn Charlotte face. Instead, they want her to play a heel character, which saw her holding the RAW Women’s title for a long time.

Expect Charlotte Flair to turn on her teammates, costing them the match at Backlash. This would set up a program between Naomi and Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, culminating in a match between the two during the next PPV.

Winners: The Welcoming Committee

Randy Orton versus Jinder Mahal (with The Singh Brothers) for the WWE Championship

In the main event, Jinder Mahal looks to cause what could be the biggest upset in WWE history! Not too long ago, Mahal was seen as nothing more than a jobber. However, similar to Breezango, Mahal found a new lease of life since moving to SmackDown Live. Mahal has been built as a credible threat going into Backlash, with the challenger having the champion’s number.

However, Orton is expected to walk out of Backlash as still the WWE Champion. While Mahal has been made to look like a credible threat, it is too soon to put the championship on Mahal. A few more major feuds would help Jinder shrug off the ‘jobber’ tag, and erase all those memories. Expect Randy to retain the championship, but the two might collide once again on the next SmackDown Live PPV.

Winner and still the WWE Champion: Randy Orton

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