WrestleMania Countdown: Top five worst WrestleMania moments in history

We look at some of the worst WrestleMania moments in history

Every WrestleMania provides the WWE fans with at least one memorable moment. However, looking back, there have been several moments that are – and will be remembered not out of fondness, but because of how terrible they were.

WWE is prone to making bad decisions at WrestleMania, whether it is about a WWE Superstar being involved in an angle where he shouldn’t have been, or the terrible matches that we’ve seen in the company from time to time.

Today, we take a look at the top five worst WrestleMania moments in history.

#5 Michael Cole – Jerry Lawler, WrestleMania XXVII

WrestleMania 27 is generally regarded as one of the worst editions of WrestleManias in history, and the match between Cole and Lawler didn’t help the matters. While every WWE Superstar dreams of competing at WrestleMania, many had to let go of that opportunity because WWE, for some inexplicable reason, believed that the fans wanted to see Lawler and Cole have a match on the grandest stage.

The match itself was atrocious, and had the feel of a glorified filler. With the anonymous GM reversing the win, giving the disqualification victory to Cole made it that much more nonsensical, and not even ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin could save the match from being one of the worst worked matches in WrestleMania – and WWE history!

#4 The Undertaker – Giant Gonzalez, WrestleMania IX

In the 90’s, The Undertaker’s character was that of the undead. He couldn’t talk, nor could he work a proper match because of the limitations of his character, and in front of him was one of the worst wrestlers in the world, Giant Gonzalez.

It is nothing against Gonzalez; there are those who can wrestle, and then there are those who can’t, and Gonzalez was a first ballot entrant into the latter. The match felt odd, and never really got going. The Undertaker winning by disqualification was yet another blot on the match, and much like WrestleMania 27, WrestleMania 9 is considered by many to be one of the worst editions in WWE history, and for a good reason.

#3 Brock Lesnar – Goldberg, WM XX

WrestleMania XX is generally remembered for the emotional ending, where two best friends embraced, as a bookend to the decades of sacrifice and hard work. However, one of the reasons why fans remember the event is because of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Lesnar – Goldberg match, and the sheer atrocity which the two Superstars bestowed on the WWE fans.

What was until then considered to be a dream match soon turned into a nightmare. The WWE fans turned on both the Superstars, while neither Superstar was actually interested in putting on a decent match. The saving grace, in the end, was Austin delivering the stunner to both of them, laying them out cold.

#2 Hulk Hogan – Yokozuna, WM IX

Bret Hart and Yokozuna were supposed to close WrestleMania 9, but with Hogan returning to the company, things went south real quick. While Bret was the ‘chosen one’ in the company in the absence of Hogan, his return meant that the Hulkster would once again use his pull to bask in glory, while the others had to go back in line.

Bret tried valiantly to take the title from Yokozuna, but the super heavyweight persevered to hold on to the WWE title. However, after the match, Hogan appeared, and made light of Bret’s work, beating Yokozuna in just 9 seconds.

WrestleMania 9, rightfully finds itself in the record books at the back, under the tag of ‘never to be watched’.

#1 The Undertaker – The Big Bossman, WrestleMania XV

While the match between The Undertaker and The Big Bossman wasn’t the worst at the event, the conclusion certainly left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. While The Undertaker won the match, it was what happened after the match that left the fans shocked.

The Brood descended from the rafters, and The Big Bossman was then “hung”, with a noose placed around his neck. The WWE wanted to make a lasting impression, but the image of Bossman’s body hanging from the rafters, as he went limp – although staged – did not exactly make for a memorable moment.

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