Post Wimbledon exit, Novak Djokovic admits that a long break from Tennis is a possibility

After Novak Djokovic’s attempt at winning Wimbledon for the fourth time was cut short at the quarter finals this year when he was forced to retire due to a recurring elbow injury against Tomas Berdych, the Serb has admitted that a long break from the game could be on the cards.

After the 30 year old was trailing  7-6 (7/2), 2-0 and the pain in his elbow became unbearable, he had no option but to retire. Speaking to the Serbian media, Djokovic said, “There is a possibility that they will propose surgery, but I don’t think that is good. To go be cut in surgery or to poison myself with pills…. None of the solutions is good.”

“A logical conclusion is that a kind of a rest and a longer break is a logical solution. Maybe a longer rest is necessary, not only because of the injury but for my mind as well. During my entire career I have followed a school schedule, I have never been reprimanded, maybe I will skip the next semester.”

The injury has troubled Djokovic for more than a year, and he sought medical help before the beginning of the Wimbledon this year. While Djokovic was told that surgery was an option and he himself refused to rule out the possibility, he revealed the doctors were not very clear on the path ahead.

“The specialists that I’ve talked with, they haven’t been really too clear, mentioning also surgery, mentioning different options,” he said. “Nobody was very clear in what needs to be done. As long as it kind of comes and goes, it’s fine. But obviously, adding up, maybe it worked for seven, eight, ten months, but now the next seven months is not working that great. Obviously it’s adding up more and more. The more I play, the worse it gets. Yeah, I guess the break is something that I will have to consider right now.”

Djokovic won the French Open last year to complete his career Grand Slam, but has since been unable to win a major title. Earlier this year, he was knocked out of the Australian Open in the second round, and the French Open in the quarter finals.

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