‘Wenger Out’, ‘Wenger In’ banners spotted at Wrestlemania 33!

Arsene Wenger’s job at Arsenal has come under scrutiny many times by the pundits and Gunners fans around the world, especially this season. But during the last few months, the protests have grown wild, with fans marching on the streets, signs showing up at home and away games. Even aircrafts have been used to fly banners over stadiums during matches. The opinion is largely split, with some fans pledging loyalty to their long-serving manager and rest wanting a change.

And now the protests have reached a whole new ‘universe’!

WWE’s premier event of the year Wrestlemania is known to produce some memorable moments, and it was no different this year. Shane McMahon and AJ Styles gave us a fun bout, the Hardy Boyz returned to a defending pop and won the tag team titles, the Undertaker signalled an end to his legendary career after his loss the Roman Reigns in the main event.

But probably a stand-out moment for some football/soccer fans would be the appearance of the ‘Wenger Out’ and ‘Wenger In’ signs at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida!


With the 10th edition of the Indian Premier League starting this week, we wonder if a few Arsenal fans may decide to voice their opinion at the games.

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