Welsh cricket club Carew criticized for winning league title by denying opposition batting and bowling points

Carew Cricket club of Wales, competing in division one of the Pembroke County Cricket Club league has faced a severe backlash for seemingly using underhand tactics to seal the league title in the decisive game of the season  against rivals Cresselly.

Approaching the penultimate game of the league, Carew held a 21 point advantage over their nearest rivals Cresselly, and the teams were due to meet in the title decider. Batting first, Carew decided to declare their innings after just 2.3 overs, with the scoreboard reading 18-1. The declaration ensured that it was mathematically impossible for Cresselly to earn any batting or bowling bonus points, and guaranteed Carew the league title regardless of the result of the match.

As expected, Cresselly won the match with consummate ease finishing on 24-1, but Carew were presented with the league title as Cresselly could only pick up 20 points (one short of 21). The manner in which Carew won the league title left a sour taste in the mouth for observers, with several stars from Glamorgan pointing out how it was against the spirit of the game (while perfectly within the rules). Here are some of the reactions to Carew’s league title win. What do you think? Was Carew right in sealing the league title in this manner?

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