Watch: Umesh Yadav double-strike stuns Mumbai Indians

After a torrid game against Rajasthan Royals, conceding 59 runs in his four overs, Umesh Yadav would have been looking for redemption when Royal Challengers Bangalore went up against Mumbai Indians on Tuesday. And the fast bowler got off to a flying start, picking up wickets in the first two balls of the game!

Opener Surya Kumar Yadav received a sensational delivery first-up. The ball was on good length with a hint of away swing, but the ball seamed back and took the top of off-stump. Here’s that wicket!

The following delivery also took the top of off-stump. Ishan Kishan tried to drive the ball down the ground but the ball swung back in to the left-hander and the stumps lit up again. Here’s #2!


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