Watch: Mayank Agarwal – Manoj Tiwary’s sensational relay catch on boundary

Kings XI Punjab’s Mayank Agarwal and Manoj Tiwary displayed fantastic teamwork on the boundary to pull off an incredible relay catch against Rajasthan Royals on Sunday (May 6).

Rajasthan Royals’ Ben Stokes attempt to go airborne against Mujeeb Ur Rahman was mistimed, and Mayank Agarwal managed to hold on to the catch at long off. However, his momentum was taking him over the boundary rope. His presence of mind enabled him to look for the long on fielder and threw the ball towards him. Manoj Tiwary, who had moved towards the sight screen, pouched the relay throw from Agarwal, giving Mujeeb his first wicket of the innings.

Check it out!


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