Watch: Kieron Pollard shrewdly runs one short to retain strike in final over

Kieron Pollard did not manage to secure the victory for Mumbai Indians against Kings XI Punjab, but there was moment of madness during the final over of the game.

With 16 runs required off six balls, the big West Indian was on strike with Harbhajan Singh at the other end. Pollard drove the ball towards long-on and picked up two runs. But the umpire signalled one short, and the all-rounder was at fault. Replays showed the Pollard grounded the bat well short of the crease, almost as if he did it on purpose.

Whether it was a misjudgment on his part or him being cheeky, it got him back on strike. Here is that incident.


Hello there! Was that one run short?

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According to the rules, the fault potentially lies with the umpire. You can read here why.


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