VVS Laxman’s 281 – Sixteen years on

Sixteen years ago, VVS Laxman played the greatest innings in the history of Test cricket. The influence of Laxman’s innings can be felt even today – batsmen are no longer daunted by the prospect of winning a test after following-on. It changed Indian cricket too – in Laxman’s own words, ‘That was a turning point as far as the mindset of Indian players was concerned. We had been in situations like Kolkata before, but we used to just give up. After that Kolkata test match, we realized that irrespective of how difficult the situation is, we will go and fight it out till the last wicket is taken, or the last run is scored. We will never give up’.

We interviewed the Hyderabad batsman last year asking him his thoughts about that magnificent knock and his favourite opponents Australia.

Check out the complete interview below!

Playing against Australia frequently brought out the best of VVS Laxman. ‘I always loved playing against Australia. The reason is that they are very aggressive, they are very competitive, and I always loved challenges. Australian bowlers never bowled with a defensive mindset, or defensive fields, and that allowed me to play my natural game, because I was always a boundary-hitter.’

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