Top independent talent Candice LeRae makes her NXT debut

WWE recently announced the launch of a women’s tournament. In the past year, WWE found great success with the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic, and the United Kingdom Championship Tournament doing well.

With the announcement, many believed that WWE would soon start getting the best female talents under one roof.

True to those beliefs, WWE has signed up the likes of Ember Moon, Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross. Similar to the CWC and UK Championship, WWE will make the WWE Women’s Tournament a WWE Network exclusive.

Candice LeRae makes her NXT debut

During the recent set of NXT tapings, a familiar name made her NXT debut. Candice LeRae is considered to be one of the best female wrestlers on the independent circuit. Candice was also a part of the World’s Cutest Tag Team, along with Joey Ryan.

Candice’s popularity stems from her wrestling skills, and her ability to take dangerous bumps in a wrestling ring. From bleeding profusely to nearly getting broken in half, Candice LeRae has garnered somewhat of a cult following.

Candice is also the wife of NXT’s Johnny Gargano. Gargano, along with Ciampa is a former NXT Tag Team Champion.

Fatal four way match set for the NXT Women’s Championship

During the recent set of NXT tapings, Candice participated in the number one contender’s battle royal, for Asuka’s title. These tapings will be televised in the coming weeks, as a lead up to NXT TakeOver: Chicago.

Candice was however eliminated by Billie Kay, and it is now being speculated that Candice LeRae will compete in the WWE Women’s Tournament.

Asuka interrupted the finish however, with Ember Moon, Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot the last three remaining Superstars. William Regal then announced a fatal four way match at NXT TakeOver: Chicago for the Women’s title.

There has been no confirmation regarding Candice’s status with the company, or if she has signed a Tier 2 contract. Gargano and Ciampa had earlier signed a similar contract, which allowed them to work independent dates, along with NXT tapings. The duo were then signed to exclusive contracts, and have since competed on NXT.

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