The SmackDown Lowdown – Shane McMahon questions Daniel Bryan’s motives, Jinder Mahal dishes tough love, Owens bests Orton

Still reeling from the fall – out of Survivor Series, SmackDown Live Superstars were anything but a happy bunch. The Commissioner of SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon has been adamant about Owens and Zayn needing to face the repercussions for their actions at Survivor Series.

However, the General Manager of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan has surprisingly taken their side, and has gone to bat for the duo. While Bryan doesn’t necessarily like the best friends, he understands their value — something Shane McMahon has been troubled with.

Also, last week witnessed new NXT call – ups making their debut on RAW and SmackDown Live. While Absolution has been running riot on RAW, SmackDown Live has witnessed a Riot of a different kind. The three women were in action this week, as they faced the SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Natalya in a six woman tag team match.

Let us take a closer look at all the happenings from the land of opportunity this week.

Shane McMahon holds Daniel Bryan accountable

This week’s edition kicked off with the Commissioner of SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon making his way out to the ring. Shane talked about Owens and Zayn losing last week, and said they should’ve been fired.

However, Daniel Bryan took the decision to not fire them, and Shane openly questioned the decision of the General Manager. This brought Bryan down to the ring, who told Shane that he wasn’t brought on board to be a ‘Yes Man’. Bryan told Shane that he would challenge his decisions if he thought they were questionable.

Shane agreed with Bryan, and hailed him for his decision to pit Kevin Owens against Randy Orton in the main event. Shane made it a No Holds Barred match, and banned Zayn from ringside.

The New Day faced Gable and Benjamin, and after a fantastic back and forth encounter, defeated the duo.

Mojo Rawley finally turns on Zack Ryder

The Hype Bros faced off against the daunting Bludgeoning Brothers, and the monstrous duo didn’t take too long to dispose off Ryder and Mojo. Post match, Zack was being interviewed, when an irate Rawley finally blew a gasket, and attacked his partner.

Rawley laid into Ryder, attacking him mercilessly. After the vicious beatdown, a stoic Mojo made his way to the back. Ryder was left prone in the ring, as the tag team finally imploded on SmackDown Live.

AJ Styles fends off The Singh Brothers, as Jinder Mahal shows tough love

This week, the WWE Champion AJ Styles was scheduled to face The Singh Brothers in a Handicap match. The brothers made their way out first, and introduced ‘The Maharaja’. The WWE Champion made his way out next, but was attacked from behind by Mahal.

The Singh Brothers utilised this opportunity to gain the upper hand, but the WWE Champion fought his way back into the match. AJ then defeated the brothers, as the WWE Champion once again stood defiant.

Post match, Mahal showed some tough love, taking the brothers out with the Khallas.

Natalya walks out on her team-mates, as the new faces take out the stalwarts

Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan made quite the impression last week, and the trio were scheduled to make their debut on this week’s show. Charlotte Flair, Natalya and Naomi were booked to face the fresh faces on the show, but it didn’t take long for Natalya to show what she thought of that opportunity.

Natalya walked out on her teammates, as Riot, Morgan and Logan took turns to dish out punishment to their opponents. Naomi was sent crashing into the steps, as the medical personnel tended to the former champion.

This left Charlotte Flair alone to fend for herself, but the champion soon fell to the onslaught of her opponents!

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn out – smart Shane McMahon

In the main event, Randy Orton had the opportunity to get back at Owens for what he did at Survivor Series. With Zayn banned from ringside, The Viper had the opportunity to once again channel his ruthless side, and punish Owens for his transgressions.

With the match being contested under No Holds Barred stipulation, both the Superstars used whatever objects they could get their hands on to get the upper hand. However, once both the competitors made their way up the ramp, Zayn made his presence felt, attacking Orton’s leg.

This led to a prone Randy Orton trying to finish the match, but with his leg giving out, Kevin pounced on the opportunity. Owens ended the bout with a Superkick and a frog splash, as Owens and Zayn out – witted the Commissioner.

SmackDown Live ended with Owens celebrating his victory.

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