SmackDown Lowdown – Paige named new GM, Carmella cashes in, Nakamura spoils the party

Paige was announced as the new GM of SmackDown Live

While WrestleMania is behind us, we now look forward to WWE Backlash. This past Sunday night, Nakamura was unsuccessful in beating Styles for the WWE Championship. Post match, the Japanese Superstar stunned the crowd by low – blowing AJ, and taking out his frustrations on the WWE Champion.

Charlotte Flair caused the upset of the night, finally ending the undefeated streak of Asuka. The SmackDown Women’s Champion, and WWE’s resident Queen made no qualms about her willingness to do anything to achieve greatness in the WWE. She took a major step towards her goal, by beating the one Superstar that was perceived as unbeatable.

Plus, Daniel Bryan returned to action at WrestleMania, as the Yes Movement once again swept NOLA. It was exactly four years ago that Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30, and Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon once again picked up the win this past Sunday night.

It was certainly an interesting night on the blue brand. Here are all the results from this week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

Shane McMahon names Paige the new General Manager of SmackDown Live

The Commissioner made his way out to kick things off, and talked about tagging with Bryan at WrestleMania. Shane put Bryan over, and spoke about Daniel not giving up on his dreams, and finally willing himself to wrestling again. Boy Wonder then announced that Bryan had submitted his resignation as the GM to pursue his wrestling career, and Shane accepted Bryan’s resignation.

McMahon then brought out the new General Manager of SmackDown Live, and it was the Anti – Diva, Paige! Paige retired on RAW, and talked about starting a new chapter in her career. As the new GM, she announced a mouth – watering clash between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles in the main event!

The Usos set to face The Bludgeon Brothers at Backlash

At WrestleMania, Harper and Rowan took The New Day and The Usos to the cleaners, soundly defeating the two teams en route to becoming the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions. On this week’s show, The New Day and The Usos got the opportunity to get one more crack at the daunting duo, as they faced off for the number one contender’s spot.

Both the teams have previously put on some exquisite matches, and this week, once again put on a solid TV match. In the end, it was the former champions that walked away with the victory, and at Backlash, The Usos will face The Bludgeon Brothers in a bid to get their titles back. Post match, the champions made their way out and ominously stared at the challengers.

Backstage, Naomi was ecstatic about her win at WrestleMania, but Natalya appeared to rain on her parade. Both the Superstars faced off as a result, and Naomi once again picked up the win.

The Iconic Duo debut on SmackDown Live, as Carmella cashes – in

Charlotte Flair made her way out, and talked about her match with Asuka. The Queen thanked the Empress of Tomorrow for the challenge, and said the occasion felt bigger than anything else she has faced, or accomplished before.

However, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce made their way out, making their main roster debut, and talked down to the champion. Kay and Royce called Charlotte old news, and said they were taking over the division. The duo attacked Charlotte, and put her through a vicious beatdown, sending her over the announce table, and then powerbombing her on the arena floor!

As the duo were making their way back, Carmella came running down and cashed – in her contract! She connected with a side boot to the face to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship!

Rusev, Orton and Roode faced off in a triple threat match, to crown the number one contender for the United States title. The crowd were firmly behind Rusev, and just as it looked like the Bulgarian Brute would win the match, Orton hit the RKO out of nowhere on Roode to pick up the win!

Randy will now face Jinder Mahal at Backlash for the WWE United States Championship.

Nakamura plays spoilsport

Backstage, Nakamura was asked why he attacked Styles at WrestleMania, to which he couldn’t answer immediately.

In the main event, Bryan faced AJ Styles in a dream match, and both the Superstars traded control of the match. Styles tried going for the Styles Clash, which Bryan countered. Bryan almost picked up the win with the Yes Lock, but AJ managed to hang on. As the match reached its crescendo, Nakamura intervened, forcing a no – contest.

Nakamura took Bryan out with a knee, and then caught AJ with a low – blow, and the Kinshasa. Shinsuke stood tall to end the show, gazing and appreciating his handiwork.

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