The SmackDown Lowdown – Jinder Mahal leaves Orton in a heap

We’re just days away from WWE Backlash, and the go home edition of SmackDown Live featured a big main event. Going into the show, Randy Orton – WWE’s apex predator has been on the receiving end of a beat down. The number one contender for the WWE Championship, Jinder Mahal has found ways to one up the champion.

On the women’s side of things, The Welcoming Committee – Natalya, Tamina and Carmella have been successful in getting the better of Charlotte, Naomi and Becky Lynch. With just days to go for Backlash, what did the two factions have in store for each other? Last but not least, the WWE United States Champion, Kevin Owens looked to send one last message to AJ Styles.

Let’s take a closer look at what unfolded on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

Kevin Owens takes over the Highlight Reel

The WWE United States Champion kicked things off this week, and hosted the Highlight Reel segment. Owens said that he would be taking over the segment, in place of his former best friend, Chris Jericho. Kevin Owens bragged about injuring Jericho, and said the fans will never see him again in WWE.

AJ Styles then made his way out, and vowed to win the United States title this Sunday. Styles told Owens that he would be bringing the title back to the United States. “The New Face of America” told AJ that he would never get his hands on the championship.

Jinder Mahal then made his way out, and talked about winning the WWE Championship at Backlash.

AJ Styles faced Jinder Mahal in a singles match, with Kevin Owens on commentary. Mahal controlled the match in the early going, and The Singh Brothers ensured AJ wouldn’t mount an offence. After more back and forth action, AJ built a head of steam. However, Owens found an opening and decked AJ’s knee with the US title. Mahal then dropped AJ with his finisher to pick up the victory!

Backstage, Breezango did another funny skit as the Fashion Police, as a part of the ‘Fashion Files’. Fandango said they will win the tag team gold this Sunday. They did a freeze frame to end the segment.

Breezango faced The Colons in a tag team match. The Colons isolated Breeze and worked on him, leading to a hot tag to Fandango. Fandango cleaned house, and connected with the Falcon Arrow to pick up the victory.

Post match, The Usos made their way out to the aisle, and talked down to them. The Usos put over the fact that they were the champions, and cut a promo leading up to their match this Sunday.

Contract signed for a six woman tag team match at Backlash

The Welcoming Committee has targeted Naomi and Becky Lynch in recent weeks. The former RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte has been caught in the cross fire. On this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon came out for the contract signing. All six women will compete at Backlash in a six women tag team match.

All the six Superstars then came down to the ring, as Natalya taunted the faces. Naomi and Lynch vowed to beat down The Welcoming Committee at Backlash. Charlotte however said it would be a one time thing, and said she’d go after the SmackDown Women’s title after Backlash.

Ellsworth then interfered, taunting Lynch. All the six women nearly brawled, but Shane interfered. Shane then booked a match between Naomi and Carmella.

Naomi faced Carmella in a non title match. Ellsworth was ejected from the ringside area, while the referee asked Natalya and Tamina to leave as well, after they tried to interfere. However, they got into a scuffle with Charlotte and Lynch.This distracted Naomi, as Carmella took advantage of the situation and picked up the victory!

Backstage, Sami Zayn announced that he would be taking on Baron Corbin at Backlash. Corbin however attacked Sami, leaving him in a heap on the floor!

Jinder Mahal takes out The Viper, Randy Orton

Randy Orton faced Baron Corbin in the main event, in a non title match. Orton and Corbin traded control of the match, before Orton got the upper hand. Corbin retaliated, but couldn’t put Orton away. In the end, Orton dropped Corbin with an RKO to pick up the victory. However, Orton’s celebration was short lived, as Mahal and The Singh Brothers made their way out.

Mahal talked trash as The Singh Brothers ambushed Orton. The brothers, along with Mahal laid Orton out, and posed together to bring the show to a close.

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