SmackDown Lowdown – HIAC matches announced, Owens attacks Sami, Nakamura gets his revenge

Sami Zayn confronted Kevin Owens, to talk some sense into his former best friend

The next stop in the long, unending voyage in the land of WWE is the Hell In A Cell PPV. The blue brand has been putting out top notch episodes, except for the main event scene. For the past couple of weeks, Jinder Mahal has been booked as a hypocritical xenophobe, stereotyping Nakamura.

While things didn’t change much this week, concerning the events surrounding the WWE Championship. However, the other storylines were advanced, including the highly volatile situation surrounding Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon.

Couple of matches for Hell In A Cell were announced as well. Going into the show, the SmackDown Women’s Championship match was a lock, as Charlotte won the right to face Natalya for the title. But we found out the fate of a few other stars, including the tag team champions, and their challengers.

Sami Zayn tries to talk some sense into Kevin Owens

This week’s edition of SmackDown Live kicked off with KO making his way out. Kevin talked about the events that have transpired in the past couple of weeks, and once again targeted Shane McMahon. Owens told Shane that he was responsible for what happened to his father, and that at HIAC, it would be worse.

KO’s former best friend, Sami Zayn interrupted the former Universal Champion. Sami talked about how Owens doesn’t act reasonably when he snaps. The Underdog from the Underground tried to reason with Kevin, and told him to think about his career and his family. Owens fired back, saying Zayn was jealous of what he achieved.

The back and forth bickering resulted in the General Manager of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan coming out. Bryan told Kevin that Shane wasn’t in the building, and he didn’t know if he would show up. Daniel booked a match between the two former best friends in the main event.

Baron Corbin one – ups the United States Champion

Corbin has targeted AJ Styles, and the United States Championship, after failing in his pursuit to defeat John Cena. The Lone Wolf, now earning the monicker of ‘Shortcut King’ has gone after Dillinger and AJ, and had the opportunity to get back at the champion last week. However, the match never got underway, as Corbin injured his leg.

This week on SmackDown Live, The Lone Wolf faced Tye Dillinger, with AJ Styles on commentary. After a decent back and forth action, Corbin went to the announce table, provoking AJ in the process. Baron then hurled Dillinger into AJ, taking both men out. The wily Superstar won the match via count out, before Styles chased him to the back.

The United States Championship match was then announced between The Phenomenal One and Corbin at HIAC.

Shinsuke Nakamura gets back at Jinder Mahal

For the third consecutive week, the WWE Champion didn’t hold back in his shenanigans. For the past couple of weeks, Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers have made fun of the number one contender. Many felt that the WWE Champion crossed the line last week, when he poked fun at Nakamura’s looks, and stereotyped him.

This week, Mahal came out to address the controversy, but ended up making fun of Nakamura’s facial expressions yet again. This time however, the picture on the giant screen started moving, and Nakamura warned Jinder that he was about to get his comeuppance. The King of Strong Style then made his way out, and took out the brothers on the ramp.

Jinder and Shinsuke slugged it out in the ring, and Nakamura connected with the Kinshasa to put the champion out of his misery! Nakamura defiantly stood in the ring to, as the champion scrambled to the floor to end the segment.

The Usos faced The Hype Bros., with The New Day sitting in the crowd section. The brothers easily disposed off their opponents, before exchanging words with the tag team champions. Both the teams will square off at HIAC inside the demonic structure, with the tag team belts on the line.

Randy Orton disrupts Rusev’s celebration

Orton yanked the world from under Rusev’s feet, defeating The Bulgarian Brute in under half a minute at SummerSlam. Last week on SmackDown Live, Rusev, in his view at least, got his redemption, when he defeated Orton in the same amount of time. To commemorate his achievement, the Mayor of Rusev’s hometown was scheduled to present Rusev with the key to the city, during the ‘Pride of Bulgaria’ celebration.

Aiden English started things off by singing Bulgaria’s national anthem, and followed up with Rusev’s introduction. Rusev stood on a pedestal, and was honoured by the Mayor, who declared September 26th as Rusev Day! Aiden then started singing for Rusev, but was attacked by Orton! The Viper dropped both the Superstars with RKO’s, and stood tall in the ring to end the segment.

Earlier in the evening, Charlotte and Carmella confronted each other, and both women faced off in a match. James was chained to the ring post, while Charlotte worked on Carmella. After some back and forth action, Ellsworth interfered, leading to Carmella taking charge. However, Charlotte connected with a big boot on Carmella to pick up the victory.

Post match, Natalya made her way out, and said Charlotte Flair was overrated.

Dolph Ziggler meets his next challenge

After weeks of taunting the fans, and throwing shade at them, Ziggler took things up a notch this week. The Showoff made his way out in The Undertaker’s attire, and with the all too familiar gong, and the subsequent lightning. However, once it was revealed that it was in fact Ziggler, the former World Heavyweight Champion laughed at the fans, for thinking it was The Undertaker. Dolph said ‘Taker had already appeared once this year, so wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon.

However, Ziggler was interrupted by The Glorious One! Bobby Roode talked about how Ziggler was irate with his position on the show, and Dolph responded by saying Roode wasn’t in his league. Bobby then threw out a challenge for Dolph, to face him at Hell In A Cell.

Kevin Owens shows his disregard for Zayn and Shane McMahon

In the main event, two familiar foes collided once again, with Sami Zayn facing Kevin Owens. Sami took control of the match early, and nearly put Kevin away with a serious of kicks, and the Blue Thunder Bomb. Kevin however managed to hang on, and succeeded in turning the match around when Sami missed with the Helluva Kick.

KO proceeded to power bomb Sami on the ring apron – the same move that put Sami out of action for weeks. Shane then ran out to stop Kevin, only for the former Universal Champion to throw him into Sami Zayn! Kevin hightailed from the ringside area and into the fans’ section, and both Superstars stared each other down to bring SmackDown Live to a close.

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