SmackDown Lowdown – Big Cass continues his assault on Bryan, Charlotte set to face Carmella

Big Cass revealed why he attacked Bryan last week on SmackDown Live

After a turbulent week in the WWE, the WWE Superstars can now focus on what’s ahead of them, considering the Superstar Shake Up is over. The talent know where they belong, and can set their sights on championship gold and other opportunities ahead of them, and that’s what a few Superstars did on SmackDown Live this week.

Nakamura continues to relentlessly attack the WWE Champion – the man who beat him fair and square at WrestleMania 34. The Japanese sensation has his sights set on the WWE title, and has proved that he can go to any length to drape the title over his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan’s return to active competition hit a roadblock last week, in the form of Big Cass. The seven footer returned from a debilitating ACL injury, and immediately made an impact on the blue brand, by laying out Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles last week.

Last but not least, The Miz is back on SmackDown Live, and the fans can smell a massive rivalry brewing between Bryan and the A – Lister. Were the seeds planted on this week’s show? Let us take a closer look at the events that transpired on the show this week.

Big Cass forces himself into the picture, continues his assault on Bryan

The former Intercontinental Champion, The Miz kicked things off this week, and talked about his guest, Daniel Bryan. Miz revisited their history, and talked about how the birth of his child alleviated a lot of the anger, but that did not happen with Bryan. The Miz then invited Bryan to the ring, but the invitation was accepted instead by Big Cass.

Cass talked about playing by the rules, and the hardships he injured in making his return from his ACL injury. Big Cass mentioned that Bryan reminded him of himself when he was small and weak, and that was why he hated Bryan. Cass blamed Daniel’s return coinciding with his, and said Daniel just wanted to steal the spotlight.

Big Cass made it clear to The Miz that he wasn’t helping him, but that his focus was on destroying Bryan. The Superstar then made his way to the back, as the cameras cut backstage, when Bryan was laying prone on the floor, clutching his shoulder as the officials checked on him.

The IIconics make a statement on SmackDown Live 

Billie Key and Peyton Royce interrupted the former SmackDown Women’s Champion, leading to Charlotte Flair losing her title. The IIconic duo made instant impact on the blue brand, and on this week’s show, they bragged about Asuka being the past, and them being the future.

The duo then faced Becky Lynch and the Empress of Tomorrow in a tag team match, and while the faces were in control in the early going, Kay and Royce pegged them back, and towards the end, a bit of miscommunication resulted in the IIconics picking up the win, albeit with Royce’s feet on the ropes.

Backstage, Naomi expressed her concern for Jimmy’s well being in his match with Erick Rowan. Jimmy calmed her down by telling her that Jey would be in his corner. Jimmy faced Rowan in a singles match, and while it looked like Rowan would annihilate Jimmy, Naomi made her way out dancing, distracting Rowan, while Jimmy pinned him with a schoolboy roll up to pick up the win!

Charlotte Flair sends a message to the Princess of Staten Island

The new SmackDown Women’s Champion, Carmella made her way out for an interview, but was soon left seething at the amount of disrespect directed towards her. Carmella then aired a video of herself twice, and urged the fans to show her respect. The champion demanded the fans got on their feet to give her a standing ovation, but the fans weren’t interested in doing anything of that sort.

The former champion, Charlotte Flair then showed up for the contract signing, and signed the contract. She then laid out Carmella, sending her a stern message before their rematch.

Randy Orton faced Shelton Benjamin in a singles match, with Jeff Hardy at ringside. The Viper got back the control of the match on the outside, but Sunil Singh, sporting a mask attacked Jeff Hardy on the outside. Orton dropped Sunil with an RKO, but that gave Benjamin enough time to recuperate, and catch Orton off guard to pick up the upset win!

Shinsuke Nakamura takes the low road yet again

In the main event, AJ Styles teamed up with Anderson and Gallows, as the trio faced the team of Rusev, Aiden English and Shinsuke Nakamura. The faces had the upper hand in the early going, only for the heels to work their way back into the match.

As the match broke down towards the end, it was Nakamura that took advantage of a prone Gallows, to knee him in the back of the head to pick up the win.
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Post match, AJ went after Shinsuke, but the challenger once again nailed Styles with a low – blow, and taunted the champion as the show faded.

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