Shoaib Akhtar vs Brett Lee – Who is the better speedster?

Shoaib Akthar and Brett Lee are two of the fastest bowlers to have ever played the game. Their ability to consistently bowl over 155km/hr is rare and the accuracy they showcased in their bowling was remarkable. But if you were asked to pick the best out of the two, who would you pick?

Here are their career statistics:

Shoaib Akthar

Shoaib Akthar stats

Brett Lee

Brett Lee career stas

Check out some of the best moments of their career, and let us know what you think!

Courtesy: Lord’s Cricket Ground

According to Shoaib Akthar, fast bowlers are born wild! Here is what he had to say about the attitude of fast bowlers.

Death bowling is a tough skill to master, and not many were better than Brett Lee at it. Hear his thoughts on bowling in the final overs of a game.

You can check out the complete interview with Shoaib Akthar HERE and Brett Lee HERE!

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