Sachin Tendulkar’s CV at age 15

Twenty-nine years ago, Sachin Tendulkar was still playing school – level cricket and was on the verge of making his Ranji Trophy debut. Most people expected big things from the 15 year old school-boy, but as this CV shows, Tendulkar himself was quite modest while describing his already superlative performances. It was a different time back then – very few modern CVs would mention a world-record 664 run partnership as a matter-of-fact point on page 5!

Let’s look at Page 1. My favourite bit is ‘playing season ball cricket at the age of 11 years’ – it’s a major stepping-stone for every kid who dreams of playing cricket, and Tendulkar wasn’t too different!

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Is there anyone from Don Bosco High school reading this? A fifty against your school is one of the first notable achievements from Tendulkar’s career.



The pride in being ‘finally selected’ for a national coaching camp is evident!



The Tendulkar legend begins – 2336 runs at age 13.



There it is – tucked away on page 5 – a world record partnership! At this point, people across the country began to notice Tendulkar. The 1028 run average is a familiar stat too – it was evident that Tendulkar had out-grown school-level cricket, and the Ranji selectors recognized this by including him in the Bombay squad.


Some familiar names on this page – Sunil Gavaskar sent Tendulkar a letter of appreciation that is now part of most Tendulkar biographies.


Tendulkar loved bowling during his international career, and the teenage Tendulkar wasn’t too different! In spite of scoring several hundreds, you’ll always see references to his bowling.



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