The Rock admits to overselling Stone Cold Stunners for beer!

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin are arguably the biggest names professional wrestling has thrown up since its existence. Both superstars shot WWE (WWF then) to unimaginable heights, with them being the focal point of the Attitude Era.

If you are a fan, you know that nobody could sell the Stone Cold Stunner like The Rock could. Somebody even went the extra mile to compile all of Rock’s sells of the stunner. Check it out!

Turns out there was more to it than making the move look devastating. He retweeted the video and explained why he did so.


Looks like after chugging down a couple of cans in the ring, ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ used to have a laugh and drink a couple more back stage with ‘The Great One’.

Either way, both superstars provided some of the most memorable moments with their antics and matches in the WWE. Stone Cold has already been inducted into the WWE Half of Fame, and it won’t be long before The Rock finds himself in it.


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