Referee shows striker red card after mistaking his name for dissent

Former Arsenal player Sanchez Watt was shown a red card in a non-league game after the referee mistook his name for dissent!

The referee Dean Hulme had called the forward over to give a yellow card in Hemel Hempstead Town’s clash against East Thurrock on Tuesday night.

On being asked for his name, the player said, ‘Watt’. The referee mistook it for the player saying ‘What?’. The sequence repeated twice, post which Hulme showed Sanchez the red card for arguing with an official!

Finally the mess was sorted out when the captain of Hemel came over and explained to the referee that his name was Sanchez ‘Watt’. His red card was rescinded – and he received the yellow he was always supposed to.

Here’s his Tweet about the incident!

Former striker Gary Lineker sums up our feelings about the incident perfectly!


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