The RAW Review – Shield reunion teased, Miztourage replaced, Enzo continues to spit fire

WWE put final touches to the long rumoured Shield reunion on RAW

For long periods, RAW once again seemed like a chore to sit through. However, we were treated to some excellent segments, which made the wait worthwhile.

Three hours for anything is too much — especially in professional wrestling. Doing it every week takes away the special feeling around Pay Per Views, but complaining about it would be moot.

RAW rolled out of Denver this week, and the episode centred around the WWE Intercontinental Championship match between Reigns and The Miz. After defeating Miz last week, Reigns earned the opportunity to win the one title he has never got his hands on. With WWE continuing to tease a Shield reunion, this week’s show definitely served its purpose.

Meanwhile, Enzo breathed new life and much needed vigour into the cruiserweight division. On the face of things, Amore winning the Cruiserweight Championship seemed like a bad idea. However, The Real One is reaping the rewards after bringing attention to the division.

We take an in – depth at what happened on the show this week.

This week’s episode kicked off with the RAW stars paying tribute to the victims of the devastating attack in Las Vegas yesterday.

Braun Strowman destroys Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

The first match of the night pitted Strowman against Seth Rollins. Last week, Dean Ambrose gave an example of his devil – may – care attitude, when he answered the monster’s challenge. Dean valiantly tried to put the behemoth down; however, The Monster Among Men proved too strong, and too dominant for the Lunatic Fringe.

His partner tried his luck this week, as Seth tried to chop the monster to his level. The King Slayer once again put his heart and soul on the line, and gave everything he had. However, towards the end, Strowman brushed off Seth’s attack, and finished the match with the running slam to pick up the victory.

Post match, Strowman dropped Seth with two more slams, as Ambrose ran out to make the save. Braun didn’t take much time in fending off Dean’s attacks, and left him laying.

This gave Cesaro and Sheamus the opportunity to do more damage, as they took the tag team champions out with the Neutralizer and a Brogue Kick!

Elias made his way out, and berated the crowd. Titus O’Neil then made his way out, as both the Superstars faced off in the ring. After back and forth action, Elias picked up the victory.

Mickie James fights her way into title contention

Last week, Mickie James finally had enough of her former partner, and dropped her with a kick. On this week’s show, James was walking backstage, as Emma and Fox started giggling at her, joking about her age. Mickie then went into her dressing room, only to find a walking frame and accessories for old people.

An irate Mickie then charged towards Alexa Bliss’s locker room and banged on her door, while Nia answered. Mickie faced Nia in a match on the show, with Bliss at ringside. After some good back and forth exchange, James nearly picked up the victory with a tornado DDT, but Bliss cut her off, causing a disqualification. However, James thwarted Bliss’s advances, sending her into the barricades.

Backstage, Mickie was being interviewed when the General Manager of RAW appeared. Angle proceeded to congratulate Mickie, and told her she will face Bliss for the RAW Women’s title at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs!

Earlier in the evening, Anderson and Gallows talked trash at Jordan and Matt Hardy. The two teams faced off in the ring, and eventually the heels picked up the victory, courtesy of the Magic Killer.

The Big Dog receives the beating of a life time at the hands of Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro

After the mauling Reigns received last week, The Miz and the Miztourage came through the crowd, mocking The Shield. Miz defending his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Reigns, who didn’t waste any time in taking out Axel and Dallas. Reigns chased Axel to the top of the ramp, where he drilled him with chair shots. He dished out the same punishment to Bo, and officials had to stop Reigns from inflicting further damage.

Reigns faced Miz without his henchmen in his corner, and both men put on a solid match. After multiple near fall predicaments, it looked as if Reigns had the match won, but Cesaro and Sheamus attacked Roman. The three men then took turns assaulting the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as Reigns was dropped with a Neutralizer, following by a Brogue Kick and finally, the Skull Crushing Finale.

Just as it looked like the three men were about to make their way to the back, they stopped when the fans chanted for The Shield. They returned to the ring and dropped Reigns with Shield’s patented Triple Power bomb, and left The Big Dog laying. The three men then put their fists together a la The Shield, mocking the faction.

Bray Wyatt summons Sister Abigail

Finn Balor made his way out to cut a promo on Bray Wyatt, as the first ever Universal Champion had some harsh words for the Eater of Worlds. However, Bray interrupted Balor, and cut an eerie promo about going after Balor.

Wyatt then mentioned that Sister Abigail was alive and well, and was dying to meet Finn. Wyatt’s face started morphing into a crimson mess — something straight out of a horror movie. Bray started laughing, and the laughter of a woman could also be heard, as Wyatt talked about summoning Sister Abigail!

Sasha and Bayley teamed up to take on Emma and Alicia Fox in a tag team match. Towards the end, Emma refused to tag in, leaving Fox along to fend for herself. Bayley connected with the Bayley to Belly to pick up the victory for her team.

Enzo Amore lays into the CW division; Kalisto debuts

The Cruiserweight Champion limped his way to the ring, and once again tore into the division. Enzo cut a scathing promo, flaunting the numbers 205 Live has drawn since he became the champion. Corey Graves took a subtle dig at Enzo, as the champion then turned on the fans. He brought up how they chanted “You deserve it”, after he got mauled last week after RAW ended.

Enzo then said he got a new document signed, which stated that any cruiserweight who touches him will be fired. The entire division then came out and surrounded the ring, as Enzo cruelly flouted and mocked the Superstars. Kurt Angle then came out, and introduced the newest member of the division, Kalisto!

Kalisto ran down to the ring, and laid Enzo out with the Salida del Sol! Kalisto celebrated to end the segment.

WWE teases a Shield reunion

Backstage, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins approached Roman Reigns, as the three men looked at each other in approval, as WWE teased a Shield reunion to end the show!

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