The RAW Review – Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss impress, matches announced for Extreme Rules

Roman Reigns and Alexa Bliss impress on RAW

As we get closer to Extreme Rules, tempers continue to flare on RAW. Last week, Roman Reigns viciously attacked Braun Strowman on RAW, sending the behemoth packing. Elsewhere, Alexa Bliss has found an unlikely ally in Nia Jax. However, Jax has made it clear that it was only temporary, and that she’d be coming after Bliss soon.

Major announcements were expected to be made on RAW, namely the situation surrounding the Universal title. Ever since Lesnar won the championship at WrestleMania 33, neither the title nor the champion were seen on RAW. However, as we get closer to WWE Great Balls of Fire, a number one contender is expected to emerge.

Kurt Angle announces a number one contender’s match for Extreme Rules

We didn’t have to wait long to find the answer to our last question. The General Manager of RAW, Kurt Angle kicked off the show to a thunderous ovation. Kurt first discussed about Braun Strowman’s situation, and said he will be out for six months! Angle then turned his attention to the Universal title conundrum, and announced a number one contender’s bout.

Kurt announced that at WWE Extreme Rules, five Superstars will face each other. Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt will compete in a fatal – five way! Kurt announced that the winner would face Lesnar at WWE Great Balls of Fire.

However, Roman Reigns interrupted Kurt Angle, as the WWE Universe voiced their displeasure. Roman talked about beating The Undertaker at WrestleMania, and taking Strowman out. Reigns said that he was the only Superstar that could conquer the beast. This resulted in Finn Balor making his way out.

Balor reminded Reigns that he defeated him on his first night on RAW. Balor also reminded everyone that he was the first ever Universal Champion. However, Samoa Joe interrupted the proceedings, and narrated his long list of accomplishments. Bray Wyatt then appeared in the ring, to stake his claim over the number one contender’s spot. Last but not least, Rollins interjected, leading to a brawl between the five Superstars.

Balor was the last man standing, to end the segment.

Jeff Hardy faced Sheamus in a singles match, with Matt and Cesaro at ringside. After some good back and forth action, Matt and Cesaro tried to interfere in the match. In the end, Jeff connected with the Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb combination to win the bout.

Sasha Banks faced Alicia Fox in a rematch. After a back and forth exchange, it was Alicia that surprised the WWE Universe! Alicia dropped Sasha with the Scissors Kick to pick up the victory.

Dean Ambrose continues to one – up The Miz

Dean Ambrose defended the WWE Intercontinental title this week on RAW, against The Miz. The rivalry between both men has escalated ever since they moved to Monday nights. On last week’s show, The Miz had the last laugh, planting Ambrose to the mat to end the show. This week, the ‘A – Lister’ had the opportunity to take the title away from the Lunatic Fringe.

Both men had their moments during the match, with The Miz dropping Dean with the Skull Crushing Finale. The champion, however, persevered, and this led to Miz trying to use Maryse as bait. Back in the ring, Miz tried to low – blow Dean, but Ambrose turned things around and connected with a low blow! The referee spotted the infringement, and disqualified Dean!

Bayley set to face Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules for the RAW Women’s title

At WWE Payback, Alexa Bliss created history by becoming the only woman to hold the RAW and SmackDown Live Women’s titles. Bliss hasn’t missed an opportunity to rub the fact in the faces of her opponents. This week, Bliss came out to more or less do the same, and insulted the New Jersey crowd in the process. Alexa continued to call herself a ‘Goddess’, and told the NJ crowd to witness the opposite of failure.

Bayley however wasn’t too impressed with Alexa’s words, and came out to a big pop. Bayley announced that she would be invoking her rematch clause at Extreme Rules. Bliss seemed unfazed, as she taunted Bayley, saying she couldn’t get extreme. This resulted in a brawl between the two women, as Bliss lashed out at Bayley with a kendo stick!

Alexa sent Bayley out of the ring, as the RAW Women’s Champion stood tall to end the segment.

WWE announced the Cruiserweight title match between Austin Aries and Neville at WWE Extreme Rules.

Austin Aries teamed up with Jack Gallagher, to take on Neville and TJ Perkins. After some good back and forth action, TJP took advantage of a distraction to drop Jack with the Detonation Kick. TJP and Neville once again managed to get their arms raised, as we get closer to Extreme Rules.

Roman Reigns exorcises his demons on RAW

When Finn Balor made his RAW debut last year, he faced what looked like a mountain of a challenge. Balor had to get through Roman Reigns, to have the opportunity to become the first Universal Champion. The former NXT Champion shocked the world, by beating Roman Reigns! It was at Roman’s expense that Balor went on to fight for – and win – the Universal title.

Balor reminded Roman as much earlier on the show, and as expected, ‘The Big Dog’ was fired up. Roman and Balor traded control of the match, before Balor dropped Roman with the Sling Blade. However, Roman dug deep, and connected with a Spear to pick up the victory!

Goldust turns on R – Truth

The Golden Truth have been left in the dark, as neither Superstar could find that one defining moment that would resurrect their career. On this week’s episode, the duo was scheduled to face former tag team champions, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. However, Goldust had enough of Truth, and turned on his partner!

Goldust viciously assaulted R – Truth, laying him out at ringside. Goldust then hurled Truth into the guardrail, before telling him “that’s what’s up”. Booker T was left shell – shocked, as he mentioned that it wasn’t the Goldust he knew. Goldust left Truth in a heap, as the WWE Universe booed the golden Superstar.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass made their way out, followed by Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews. Titus announced that Cass would face Crews, but Cass informed Titus that it would be him in action. Titus attacked Cass, while still wearing his suit. However, a distraction by Enzo gave Cass the opportunity to drop Titus with a big boot.

Enzo tried to take a selfie with Titus, but Titus dropped him with an enzuigiri. Enzo quickly retreated to the floor, as Cass and Amore made their way to the back.

Bray Wyatt sends a message to his opponents

In the main event of the evening, Seth Rollins faced Bray Wyatt in a singles match. Both the Superstars exchanged control of the match, with Bray nearly dropping Seth with Sister Abigail. The Architect managed to hang on, and dropped Wyatt with a dive from the top rope. However, before both men could finish the bout, Samoa Joe interfered, attacking Seth Rollins!

Wyatt and Samoa then came face to face, but turned their attention towards their common enemy. However, Wyatt dropped Joe with Sister Abigail, before planting Seth Rollins with the finisher. Wyatt then knelt before the fallen Superstars, as the Eater of Worlds posed to end the segment! Wyatt had a sinister look on his face, as this week’s show came to an end.

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