The RAW Review – Rollins retains Intercontinental title, tag team match for Backlash set

Seth Rollins retained his title on RAW

The WWE Superstars are still reeling from their trip to Saudi Arabia, which saw quite a few incidents trending worldwide. Talking about ‘worldwide’, Titus O’Neil was the butt of all the jokes this past weekend, with his ‘spill’ at the Greatest Royal Rumble eliciting laughter from the announcers, and reportedly from Vince McMahon himself, as the WWE crew kept showing the slip.

But things were back to business this Monday night, as the Superstars brought back their focus, eyeing the upcoming pay – per – view, Backlash. The Universal Championship is still draped over Brock Lesnar’s shoulders, but not without controversy.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt deleted their opposition last week, capturing the RAW tag team titles in Jeddah. Moreover, Braun Strowman won the largest Royal Rumble match in WWE history, and the Superstars were expected to make a statement during the go – home edition of RAW before Backlash.

Roman Reigns talks about being the real champion, Samoa Joe disagrees

Roman Reigns kicked things off in Montreal, but the crowd were vehemently against The Big Dog. The chorus of boos didn’t shake Reigns however, as he talked about how the referee erred at the Greatest Royal Rumble, giving the win to Brock Lesnar inside the steel cage. Roman called himself the real champion, but Samoa Joe interrupted the proceedings.

Joe was shown on the big screen, as he talked about Reigns’s constant complaints, and called him a failure. The crowd cheered Joe on, as the Samoan Submission Machine vowed to put down the ‘Big Dog’ at Backlash. It wasn’t just Joe and thousands of fans in attendance that disagreed with Reigns however, as Jinder Mahal decided to cut his time short, and demanded a match with the Universal Champion.

Sami Zayn then stepped up to a hero’s welcome, as he talked about deserving a Universal title shot against the champion. Kevin Owens then interrupted the proceedings, and threw his name into the hat as well.
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Reigns blasted Owens with a right, resulting in Sami and Mahal attacking Roman.

The cavalry soon arrived, with Lashley and Strowman coming to Roman’s aid. The crowd cheered for Strowman, but booed Lashley and Reigns.

Elias sends Bobby Roode to the emergency room

The Drifter came close to winning the Greatest Royal Rumble last week, before being eliminated by the eventual winner, Braun Strowman. Elias wanted to give the Montreal fans a show this past week, but insulted the crowd instead. Bobby Roode interrupted Elias to cut his performance short, as the Glorious Superstar looked to get back on the title hunt.

Roode dominated the match in the early going, but Elias soon turned the tables, and sent Roode throat first into the turnbuckles. Roode crumbled onto the floor in a heap, and clutched his throat, unable to breathe, and the referee stopped the match. Officials checked on Roode to end the segment.

The Authors of Pain defeated two local enhancement talent.

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor turn down Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel’s offer to form a stable

The Intercontinental Champion successfully defended his title last week in Saudi Arabia, and Rollins was present in Montreal to talk about his accolades. The fans cheered for the Architect, as he talked about winning the Intercontinental title, and defending it proudly.

Finn Balor interrupted Rollins, and demanded a title shot. However, they were interrupted by Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, who talked about going their separate ways after Miz was drafted to SmackDown Live. Bo and Curtis offered Rollins and Balor the opportunity to join them, and create a stable as formidable as the Four Horsemen. Rollins and Finn turned them down, leading to Axel and Dallas attacking the duo.

Rollins and Balor fended them off, but Balor nailed Rollins to leave the champion laying on the mat.

Sasha’s free-fall continues

Sasha Banks isn’t a happy camper. The Boss not only has her differences with Bayley, but has been on a losing streak off late. Sasha expressed her frustrations with her former best friend backstage, but did not have much time to waste, as she faced Ruby Riott in a singles match.

Sasha controlled the match in the early going, only for Ruby to turn things around. However, Sasha managed to gain back the control, but was distracted by the rest of the Riott Squad, as Ruby knocked Banks out to secure the victory.

WWE aired a vignette with Bliss talking about how Nia bullied her at Disneyland.

The new RAW Tag Team Champions cut a promo, with Hardy and Wyatt vowing to hold on to their titles.

The team of Lashley, Strowman and Reigns faced, and defeated the trio of Owens, Zayn and Mahal.

WWE announced a tag team match between Lashley and Strowman against Owens and Zayn at Backlash.

Baron Corbin insults Titus O’Neil, faces the consequences

Last week, Titus O’Neil broke the internet with his now famous trip, that had the entire Middle East giggling. While Corey Graves couldn’t stop laughing for a good minute, Titus took it in his stride, and talked to Renee about how he messed up. However, Baron Corbin walked up to Titus, and insulted the Superstar.

Corbin then made his way out to face No Way Jose, and told the fans that No Way Jose did not deserve to be in the same ring as him. Corbin declared that he was better than the likes of O’Neil and Jose.

During their match, Corbin had things under control, but Titus O’Neil provided the distraction, allowing No Way Jose to pick up the win.

Natalya faced Mickie James, with Bliss in her corner, while Ronda was in Natalya’s corner. Natalya picked up the win after a back and forth match, while the RAW Women’s Champion made her way out. Jax hoisted Ronda’s and Natalya’s arms to end the segment.

Seth Rollins retains the Intercontinental title

After Balor’s attack earlier on in the show, Finn challenged Rollins for the Intercontinental title in the main event this week.

Rollins and Balor have excellent chemistry together, and it was on full display this week. The back and forth action saw control swinging wildly, as Balor and Seth pulled out all the stops. Towards the end, Balor looked to end things with the Coup de Grace, but Seth moved out of the way and connected with the Curb Stomp to pick up the win, and retain the title.

Seth celebrated his victory as RAW went off the air.

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