The RAW Review – Lesnar mauls Reigns, Woken Matt beats Bray Wyatt at Ultimate Deletion

Matt and Wyatt faced off in The Ultimate Deletion

With just a couple of weeks to go to WrestleMania, this week’s RAW had to dot a few I’s and cross a few T’s. Brock Lesnar was announced for this week’s RAW, while Roman Reigns was suspended last week for calling out Vince McMahon.

Asuka’s pursuit of SmackDown Women’s Championship means that Alexa Bliss still doesn’t have an opponent for WrestleMania. Last week, Bliss berated and insulted Nia Jax, who broke down after chasing the champion. Will Jax get her revenge this week?

Also, Braun Strowman single handedly won the tag team battle royal, and will face Sheamus and Cesaro at WrestleMania for the RAW Tag Team Championship. However, The Monster Among Men needs to find a tag team partner first. Will he be able to find his partner on RAW? What will happen if Braun fails to find someone to partner him at the grandest stage?

Finally, The Ultimate Deletion was upon us, as Bray Wyatt visited The Hardy Compound for the most intriguing match to date. Who managed to come out on top?

Here are all the results and details from this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

Brock Lesnar takes his anger out on Roman Reigns

The General Manager of RAW, Kurt Angle kicked things off on RAW this week, and talked about Roman Reigns being temporarily suspended by Vince McMahon. Kurt then moved on to Braun Strowman, but Reigns emerged from the crowd to interrupt the General Manager. Roman wanted to know where Lesnar was, but Angle told him that he was running late. Reigns did not buy the excuse, and said he wasn’t going to leave until Lesnar showed up.

This brought security out, who handcuffed Roman and read him his rights. Reigns got incensed when the personnel started manhandling him, and he beat up all the three men. Lesnar then showed up, and German suplexed Reigns, who was still in handcuffs! Lesnar laid into Reigns with chair shots, and in the end, Reigns had to be stretchered out of the ring.

Lesnar wasn’t done yet, as he tipped the stretcher Reigns was fastened to!

Alexa Bliss doubles down on Jax, escapes just in time

The RAW Women’s Champion made her way out with Mickie James, and showed replays of what happened last week. Bliss said she felt bad and wanted to apologize, before revealing that it was all a lie, and that she never apologizes. Mickie and Alexa derided Jax some more before Asuka made her way out for their match.

Bliss worked on Asuka before the Japanese Superstar turned the tables. However, as soon as Bliss found herself on the receiving end of Asuka’s beatdown, Mickie pulled her out of the ring, resulting in a count out victory for Asuka.

However, Nia Jax’s music hit, and the Superstar came charging out. Mickie tried to hold her off, but Jax ran through her! Jax almost caught up with Bliss, but James once again held Nia off, as Bliss ran away through the crowd.

Backstage, Kurt Angle informed the champion that she would face Nia Jax at WrestleMania for the RAW Women’s Championship!

Braun Strowman made his way out, and talked about competing for the tag team titles at WrestleMania. He said he needed to find a tag team partner, but Sheamus and Cesaro interrupted the behemoth, saying he could find anyone, but won’t be able to beat them at the grandest stage.

Cesaro faced Strowman in a singles match, and though Sheamus tried to interfere, Braun picked up the win in the end.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder took on Apollo and Titus O’Neil, and picked up the win with the Shatter Machine. Post match, they announced that they would participate in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Sasha Banks and Bayley’s relationship reaches breaking point

‘The Boss’ and Bayley haven’t been having the best of times, as both the Superstars feel betrayed by each other. Last week, Bayley left Banks to fend for herself against Absolution, and Sasha wanted to clear things out this week. Banks talked about the past, and was overwhelmed when talking about Bayley leaving her mid – match couple of weeks ago.

Bayley then came out to make a case for herself, and brought up how Banks enjoyed pushing Bayley off the pod at Elimination Chamber. The Huggable Superstar said Sasha had a smile on her face while doing it, and asked how she could betray her like that. Absolution interrupted the proceedings, leading to a tag team match.

Sasha and Bayley had the match under control, but a miscommunication between the two led to the heels picking up the win.

John Cena questions The Undertaker’s courage

The Leader of Cenation has been calling out The Undertaker, and wasted no time doing the same this week. Cena lost the opportunity to fight for the Universal and WWE titles, and has been lobbying for a marquee match with The Undertaker. But with The Deadman nowhere to be found, Cena once again launched into a scathing attack, questioning The Undertaker’s morals and his courage.

Cena accused The Undertaker of hiding, and said he owed the fans one more match at WrestleMania. John pushed The Undertaker to give him some sign, leading to Kane making his way out. When Cena asked Kane what The Undertaker’s answer was, the Big Red Machine choke slammed Cena to end the segment.

The Miz vents about being looked over

The Intercontinental Champion made his way out along with Dallas and Axel, and talked about the WWE fans and management looking over him. Miz argued that he wasn’t being given the respect he deserves, and Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel agreed with the champion. With Rollins on the commentary desk, The Miz and Miztourage faced Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in a six – man tag team match.

While the heels controlled the majority of the bout, the faces made a comeback, and with miscommunication between Miz and Axel, Balor found the opening to pick up the win for his team. Post match, the heels tried to ambush the faces, but Rollins made the save. Balor and Rollins stared each other down to end the segment.

‘Woken’ Matt Hardy gets the win at Ultimate Deletion

The Woken One prepared to battle Bray Wyatt at Ultimate Deletion. Hardy asked his drone to look for Bray, while ordering Señor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for The Ultimate Deletion. Wyatt appeared in the Hardy Compound in the evening, leading to a showdown between the two, as both the Superstars battled through downtrodden house and the forest, with fireworks going off.

Just as it looked like Wyatt regained control of the match, Jeff Hardy and Señor Benjamin interfered, leading to Hardy picking up the win. Post match, Matt threw Bray into the Lake of Reincarnation to end the show.

After The Ultimate Deletion, Bray posted a cryptic message on his Twitter account, writing ‘Goodbye’.

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