The RAW Review – Goldberg accepts Lesnar’s challenge

Last week on Monday Night RAW, Paul Heyman addressed the elephant in the room when he talked about Goldberg’s rumoured return to WWE. Heyman proceeded to thrash out a challenge to the former World Heavyweight Champion, as he talked about his advocate wanting to erase his loss to Goldberg at WrestleMania 20.

For the remainder of the week, the wrestling world was buzzing about Goldberg’s response, and WWE added further fuel to the fire by hyping Goldberg’s return. With Goldberg posting a video of him and his family arriving in Denver – the site of this week’s edition of RAW, it was all but confirmed that WCW’s biggest star was going to return to WWE.

One of the major questions regarding his return was the number of matches he would have, and the fans got all the answers on this week’s episode. Without further ado, let us take a look at what transpired on this week’s show.

Tensions brewing between BFFs?

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho made their way out to open the show, with the Denver crowd cheering for Jericho. Owens and Jericho went back and forth on the microphone, picking on the WWE fans, as well as Seth Rollins. They then turned their attention towards Foley, with Owens telling Foley that he wouldn’t let his career get shortened at HIAC.

This led to Seth Rollins making his way out, as the fans cheered for Seth. Rollins made fun of Jericho’s appearance, and called him Sparkle Crotch. The WWE fans started chanting the same, as Rollins told Jericho to man up, and send Owens to the back. Jericho told Owens to go to the back, as Jericho and Rollins faced each other.

After a good back and forth encounter, Seth had the upper hand when Owens made his way out. Jericho turned the tables, but confusion between Jericho and Owens led to Rollins dropping Jericho with the Pedigree to pick up the victory.

WWE aired a pre recorded interview of Charlotte, as Lita talked to her about her upcoming match at the Hell In A Cell PPV.

WWE aired a segment that transpired backstage during the pre show, between Mark Henry, Golden Truth, Titus O’Neil and the Shining Stars. This led to a six man tag team match later on the show.

Backstage, Jericho ran into Owens, and was furious about Owens coming out inspite of Jericho telling him not to. Jericho almost called Owens a stupid idiot, but Stephanie intervened and played the peace keeper. Stephanie said they needed to be on the same page for Survivor Series.

Sheamus and Cesaro continue to one up each other

Last week on RAW, Cesaro took on Kofi Kingston, but Sheamus got into a brawl with Big E and Woods, which distracted Cesaro. This led to Kofi picking up the victory. This week, it was Sheamus’ turn to be in action, as he faced Big E, while Cesaro was on Facebook Live during the bout.

After some back and forth action, Sheamus got upset with Cesaro, who went into the fans’ section. Sheamus brought Cesaro to ringside and asked him to capture his video, as the distraction allowed Big E to take advantage and rolled Sheamus up to pick up the victory.

Bo Dallas faced Neville in a singles match, with Curtis Axel at ringside. Bo picked up the upset victory, and post match, viciously attacked Axel. Bo left Axel laying at ringside.

Dana faced Bayley in a singles bout, and after some back and forth exchange, Dana pinned Bayley, but botched the finish. Dana was supposed to use the bottom rope for leverage, but couldn’t get her foot on the rope, leading to an awkward finish.

Paul Heyman then talked to Cole via satellite, and had a message for Goldberg. Heyman said that he knew Goldberg would return and accept Lesnar’s challenge, but pleaded with him not to do so, as it would tick Lesnar off even more.

Braun Strowman faced three jobbers in a handicap match, and defeated them with ease. Post match, he demanded serious competition, and warned Foley that if he didn’t get what he wanted, he would go to the back and destroy the talents. This brought Sami Zayn out, but Braun pushed Sami out of the ring and walked away.

Backstage, Sami was asked why he answered Strowman’s challenge, and Sami said that he did it because no one else would.

Rusev gets his hands on the United States Champion

Lana made her way out, and introduced Rusev, who came out to jeers. Rusev then talked about how he was a man with values, and put his wife and family over. Rusev then took shots at Roman Reigns’ family and relatives, and began talking about his mother, father, brother and grandmother, before Reigns interrupted the proceedings.

Reigns poked fun at Rusev’s family, as both the superstars got into a scuffle. Rusev got the better of the exchange, as he threw Reigns into the steel steps. Rusev then locked Reigns in the Accolade, as the United States Champion was taken out before their match at HIAC PPV.

Big Cass took on Karl Anderson, with Gallows and Enzo at ringside. Cass picked up the relatively easy victory.

Kendrick, Nese and Gulak teamed up to face Perkins, Cedric and Swann in a six man tag team match. After some good back and forth action, Kendrick locked Swann in his submission hold, as Swann tapped out.

Backstage, Stephanie talked to Mick about what he has planned for next week. Foley then announced a triple threat match between Owens, Rollins and Jericho in the main event!

Goldberg accepts Lesnar’s challenge

Michael Cole showed videos of Goldberg’s appearance on ESPN and Heyman’s challenge last week, and then introduced Goldberg. The former World Heavyweight Champion made his way out to a thunderous reception, as the crowd started a big “Goldberg”, “This is awesome” and “Holy sh*t” chant, as Goldberg got visibly emotional due to the response.

Goldberg then got down to business, and turned his attention towards Lesnar. Goldberg said that while he initially thought about turning down the offer, he still had one more as* kicking left in him. He then said that his match with Lesnar would be the final match of his career, and ended the promo by telling Lesnar that he was next, and the last.

Goldberg then celebrated with the fans and his family to bring down the curtains on this week’s episode.

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