The RAW Review – Bullet Club reunites, Lesnar fends off Kane, Reigns retains the Intercontinental title

Reunion of The Bullet Club, Brock Lesnar returns

It must’ve seemed like a long path, but we’ve finally made it! 2018 is here, which can only mean one thing – it is WrestleMania season! The Superstars bring their A – Game, to make sure that they are on the WrestleMania card.

Kane and Lesnar had to be forcibly separated, while Bullet Club was reformed on RAW

But first, our path leads us to Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble PPV is one of the most exciting PPV’s of the calendar year. With the return of yesteryear Superstars almost a certainty as a nostalgia act for the fans, we can look forward to the return of some familiar faces – at least for one night.

The road to Royal Rumble is filled with potholes and speed bumps. On this week’s edition of RAW, the Universal Champion decided to grace us with his presence, and size up his competition. Brock Lesnar previously faced AJ Styles in a Champion versus Champion match, and after a hard fought battle, came out on top.

This time however, he will be facing two monsters in Braun Strowman and Kane. Also, Kurt Angle had an announcement pertaining to the women’s Royal Rumble match.

Last but not least, the WWE Intercontinental Championship was up for grabs yet again, as Roman Reigns faced Samoa Joe.

Kurt Angle announces a 30 woman Royal Rumble match

The General Manager of RAW kicked things off in style, as he talked about the women gaining an equal standing as the men in WWE. The former Olympic gold medalist took pride in playing a part in the women’s revolution, before announcing that 30 women would compete in the Royal Rumble match.

Kurt was unceremoniously cut off by The Bar, who weren’t happy about losing the RAW Tag Team Championship. Soon, Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins made their presence felt, leading up to a singles match between Jordan and Cesaro.

The Swiss Superman had the upper hand for the majority of the bout, while Jordan tried to fight his way back into the bout. Towards the end, Rollins attacked Sheamus on the outside, momentarily distracting Cesaro. Jordan connected with his suplex – neck breaker combo to pick up the victory!

Matt Hardy promises to delete Bray Wyatt

Titus Worldwide was in the house, as Apollo Crews faced Bray Wyatt. With Titus and Dana at ringside, Apollo tried to get back to winning ways, but the ever – menacing Wyatt had other ideas. While Crews tried valiantly to pick up the victory, it was Bray who managed to get his hand raised.

Post match, ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy appeared on the big screen, and told Wyatt that he was coming for him. As ‘The Eater of Worlds’ watched bemused, Matt vowed to delete his arch – nemesis.

Kurt had made a match between Asuka and Bliss, although the championship wasn’t on the line. Alexa tried to convince Kurt to call off the match, and when that failed, she approached Nia for her help. Jax, however, was more concerned about a sick Enzo Amore, and tended to the Cruiserweight Champion.

Asuka and Alexa then faced off, and after a dominant showing, Asuka picked up the victory with the Asuka Lock.

Rhyno ran into the semi – truck known as Braun Strowman. With Heath in his corner, the man beast tried to derail Braun’s momentum. However, it quickly became obvious that Rhyno had bitten off more than he could chew. Strowman took out both the tag team partners, and bulldozed his way to victory.

Strowman ran into Kane backstage, and mouthed off at The Big Red Machine, telling him that he was the alpha monster in WWE!

Roman Reigns hangs on to the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Backstage, Joe mouthed off at Renee Young, telling her that he had mentally broken Reigns. Joe then brought up Ambrose, and took a sly – dig at Renee, telling her that Dean was now living on his wife’s pay – check.

In the ring, Joe showed off his impressive strength and agility, as he worked on the champion. Both the competitors put on yet another solid match, and towards the end, ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ nearly had the match won! However, Reigns stayed persistent, and picked up the victory with a spear.

Alexander defeated Drew Gulak to earn a shot at the Cruiserweight title. However, with Enzo taken ill, he had to settle for a tag team match with Gulak and Daivari. Gulak cut a promo before the match, sending his best wishes to Amore. Cedric’s partner turned out to be the Golden Superstar – Goldust!

Alexander and Goldust worked in tandem, and in the end, proved to be too strong for the cruiserweights on the opposite corner of the ring!

Finn Balor enters the Royal Rumble, reforms The Bullet Club

Balor walked into Angle’s office, and announced that he was officially throwing his name into the Royal Rumble hat. Kurt asked if he had found partners for his six man tag team match with Elias and Miztourage, and in walked Anderson and Gallows – the former members of The Bullet Club! Balor told Kurt that it was better to stand with them than against them.

In the ring, the former Bullet Club members once again found their camaraderie, as they fended off Elias and Miztourage. The bout broke down, and Anderson/Gallows dropped Bo Dallas with the Magic Killer, followed by the Coup de Grace from Balor for the win. The three men celebrated with the “Too Sweet” gesture to put a seal on the Bullet Club reunion.

Paul Heyman antagonises Kane; Lesnar makes a statement

During the final segment of the evening, “The Advocate” Paul Heyman made his way down to the ring, closely followed by the Universal Champion. Heyman didn’t waste any time to remind the fans who Lesnar was, before going on a tirade about the deck being stacked against Brock. However, Heyman antagonised Kane, and said Lesnar would take him out at any given time.

This brought The Big Red Machine down to the ring, and he dropped Lesnar with the Chokeslam. That didn’t keep the champion down for long however, as he sat back up, leaving Kane stunned. Lesnar then sent Kane over the top rope, while falling down to the mat himself.

Kurt signalled for the Superstars to separate both the monsters, as Brock kept up the attack. RAW ended with Lesnar and Kane being held back by the Superstars, as they tried desperately to wiggle themselves free!

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