Ravichandran Ashwin becomes fastest bowler to 300 Test wickets

Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin becomes the fastest bowler to reach 300 wickets in Test matches, bringing up the feat on Day 4 of the second Test against Sri Lanka.

The 31-year-old has conceded 7520 runs with best figures of 7 for 59 against New Zealand last year, averaging an incredible 25.02 in 54 games.

“We started off and the ball spun a little bit, it kept straight as well.” Ashwin said after the game. “Special mention to Ishant, he’s bowled really well after coming back. The angular release also makes it difficult, changing the height of the release has also helped. And me and Jaddu (Ravindra Jadeja) bowl the right pace on these kinds of wickets.”

Speaking about his comparison with the greats of the game, the off-spinner said, “We are a bit more blessed than the other greats. We have technology to help. We have help with our fitness. So we shouldn’t compare.”

Ashwin also said that he has restricted himself from using the carrom ball too often in the past couple of years and is focusing on other strategies, given that the side is set to have a touring year in 2018.

“The carrom ball was a good ball, I haven’t bowled many of those in the last 24 months. I’ve worked on different releases for it and now that we are travelling, I think I needed that extra bit”.

The leading spinner believed that his time away from the limited overs game has helped him focus more on his bowling. “It has been a longer break than I’ve been used to over the last few years.” Ashwin continued. “But I did have a good stint in Worcester and I learnt a lot of things.”

“As you can see, I’ve worked on different loadings, different actions. It’s also helped my patience, wickets haven’t come quickly. I really hope I can go on to double these 300 wickets, I’ve only played 50 Tests. It’s not easy bowling spin, it looks like you’re just ambling up. But there’s a lot behind it. We’ve bowled a lot of overs, me and Jaddu. And the break has helped, I’m a lot more fresher now comparatively.”

Ashwin now tops this illustrious list.

Courtesy: ESPNcricinfo


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