Rahul Dravid on his favourite innings, captaining India, and batting with Sehwag and Tendulkar

If you missed Part I of the interview, which deals with Dravid’s role as a coach and mentor, click HERE.

Rahul Dravid has been one of the greatest batsmen of the modern era, and walks into an all-time India XI. We’ve all got our own ‘Top Dravid innings’ list, but which innings does the man himself value the most? There are some obvious picks in there, as well as a few crucial innings in West Indies. Dravid admits that his memories of these innings are a little vague – giving every indication that he’s a happily retired cricketer!


Dravid has spent plenty of time batting with Virender Sehwag – which is an interesting juxtaposition of batting styles and temperaments. So what was it like watching a prime Sehwag from the other end? An incredible experience – as long as you didn’t try to copy him! Dravid even admits that on some occasions, the opposition was happy to let him be on strike – which probably didn’t make him feel too good about himself!


Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar hold the world record for the highest overall partnership runs by a pair – an incredible 6920 runs! So what was it like batting with Tendulkar? Watch on for more.


Finally, we asked Dravid about the difference between opening the batting, and batting at #3. Technically, the #3 batsman needs to be prepared to play the second ball of the game – so the skills shouldn’t be all that different. Dravid points out that while the skills are similar, the mindset is different, because he had been a middle-order batsman all his life, and that international cricket isn’t the best place to develop a new mindset.

Despite that, Dravid did experience success as a Test opener, and tells us that he enjoyed batting in different positions, particularly in ODI cricket, because it forced him to learn different skills, making him a better player. It even helped him become a better T20 player, particularly in the IPL.

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