Pranksters put Conor McGregor’s house up for sale

Would you be brave enough to break into Conor McGregor’s property?

In this day and age, the internet has given people enough gumption to do the unthinkable. From invading other people’s privacy, to breaking the law — nothing is too farfetched, when you’re trying to score some social media points. Recently, a new trend started, where pranksters have invaded the privacy of celebrities, and put “for sale” signs on their properties.

Two Irish lads decide to mess with Conor McGregor

This inspired two young men from Ireland to do something similar – but they had one problem. There aren’t many celebrities from Ireland, who are mainstream enough to be known around the world, except for one. Enter the UFC Lightweight Champion, and the meanest trash talker in the fight game, Conor McGregor!

Conor McGregor burst onto the scene couple of years ago, with his knockout power and his penchant for cutting promos. While the UFC Lightweight Champion is currently busy trying to materialise his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., he still cannot escape the spotlight. McGregor is undoubtedly Ireland’s biggest celebrity, and that usually comes with its drawbacks.

While it takes a set of cojones to break into someone’s private property, invading Conor McGregor’s property is taking things one step further. However, the two pranksters went through a lot of pain – including driving 47 kilometres to Conor’s house, to complete the prank.

It involved them showcasing their journalistic prowess, figuring out where Conor lived based on his Instagram posts, a grappling sequence with one of their dads, and them breaking the law! In the end, their mission was accomplished, as they placed a “for sale” sign on Conor’s property. The duo also took time to admire Conor’s prized possession – a BMW i8.

Maybe next time, Conor will think twice about what he puts up on Instagram. But how will he react to two people invading his private property? That’s something we will have to wait and find out; or maybe he’ll do nothin’.

Below is the video the pranksters recorded.

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