Nia Jax takes leave of absence, Neville’s WWE status

Nia Jax takes leave of absence, amidst walk – out rumours

The internet is truly a remarkable place. With great power comes great responsibility; however, it could also lead to numerous made up stories, misdirecting the fans by spreading, as the POTUS calls it – fake news.

Couple of days ago, before Monday Night RAW started, The Sun ran an article, saying Nia Jax had stormed out of the arena. While more details weren’t given at the time, the outlet reported that Jax was upset with the Creative direction, and decided to show her displeasure by leaving the tapings.

However, reports have since emerged that Nia had requested for — and was given time off due to personal reasons. It was also revealed that the entire ordeal transpired last week, and not during the hours leading up to this week’s show.

Nia Jax has been a staunch advocate for body positivity, and has taken up various initiatives in recent months to become a role model for her young fans. No timeline has been given at this time for her return, but Nia is expected to get a substantial push upon her return, and continue her program with Alexa Bliss.

Neville walks out of WWE

Talking about walk outs, the only credible story circulating around over the past two weeks is regarding Neville giving his notice to the promotion. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion dropped the title to Enzo Amore recently, and had reportedly requested for his release.

It was then reported that the promotion had granted the Superstar his release; however, Neville is still listed as an active Superstar on the WWE roster. Last weekend, Enzo cut a promo during a house show, and claimed that he forced Neville to quit the promotion.

WWE hasn’t released a statement yet regarding the entire ordeal. However, according to Sport Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, the last straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back was when Neville realised that Austin Aries was going to make more on the independent circuit, than he would make in the WWE in a similar timeframe. Neville was also reportedly left frustrated with the lack of opportunities, and the lack of creative direction for his character.

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