The New Day on when they learnt about the return of The Hardys, funny road story

The New Day interview: Part 1

                            Exclusive interview with The New Day

At WrestleMania 33, The New Day introduced the returning Hardy Boyz. The roof nearly came off when Matt and Jeff returned to WWE, and Kofi and Big E told us during our exclusive interview, that they came to know about the return on the day of the event.

On when The New Day learnt about the return of The Hardy Boyz

Kofi Kingston: “We didn’t hear it officially until that day. There were some rumblings going on, but it wasn’t until that day when we heard (about their return). Once we did, we knew that the reaction was going to be — because we started to get, not “emotional”… well yeah, emotional! It was a big moment, because The Hardys are such a staple… especially talking about tag team wrestling.

We’ve had a couple of Ladder matches, Elimination Chamber matches, and the thing we’re always thinking about is, ‘Okay. Hardys. Dudleys. Edge & Christian’ – they’re the guys who set the bar for the quality of these matches. And they’re the guys we’ve been trying to top all this time. So now, when they’re coming back, it was like full circle. And we were the guys that are going to be the liaison between the WWE Universe and The Hardys. It was really, really cool. And especially, knowing the things that the entire arena and the entire world did not know.”

Big E: “For sure, and regarding The Hardys, it’s not that they’re a nostalgia act – they had this great career in WWE. But it’s also this resurgence over these last couple of years, with ‘Broken Matt’, and the excitement people have for that character as well. That’s what made it ever cooler. It’s not that, ‘Oh! I remember The Hardys from a decade ago!’ It’s, ‘I’m still enjoying what The Hardys are doing from several months ago’. And in many ways, it was some of the hottest stuff in wrestling, over the last six months to a year – however long it has been.

So it’s very, very cool to see that they’ve been a team that not only dominated and were so influential in WWE many years ago, but they’ve also found a way to change. I think that’s also a lesson for us as well. You can’t just say, ‘Oh, we had this great run in 2015and 2016’, and rest of those laurels, but thinking about how we can tweak it, and how we can stay memorable. So, that’s definitely important for us too.

So it was such a great moment for us to be involved in, and we knew too… I also agree the way we built it too. We made it seem like, ‘Hey, maybe we’re going to put ourselves in this match too’, and when people started to kind of get what was going on, you could hear the rumblings until the music finally hit. It was a thing of beauty.”

A funny road story involving The New Day

                                                The New Day

They say that the characters are an extension of the performers themselves. The members of The New Day are known for their humour, and their penchant for making others laugh. When asked about an interesting road story, Big E and Kofi recollected an instance when Kofi and Woods played a prank on Big E.

Big E: “I feel… the one road story that comes to mind, I think we have told it though before, is you guys (Kofi and Woods) ribbing me with the music. I’ll try to get through it quickly, I’m driving – we drive from town to town every night, it’s a normal drive. I’m in the car – we have a rental car. And I don’t remember where we were – I never remember, it’s a blur anyways. But I was driving, and Woods was in the back.”

Kofi Kingston: “Yeah, Woods was in the back, I was in the passenger’s seat. So the radio’s going on. E usually has control over the music – he has very good music selection. And what he had – he had his little iPod. So Woods is in the back, and he had control over the radio. So E would be putting on a song, and Woods texts me saying, ‘I have control over the radio’. I read it and I was like, ‘Oh, cool!’

So E is listening to his song, and right about where it’s about to get the meat of the chorus, Woods changes the station! So then E is looking around, and now I’m in it too, I go, ‘Oh what’s going on? Is it the steering wheel? Are you touching the wrong buttons?’ And the same thing would happen probably for about two hours, on and off, and E was getting back. So there was a point – E was at one point driving over the steering wheel, and we’re on the highway. He’s driving trying so hard not to touch (laughs), and it’s just getting so bad!”

Big E: “I was, but it was a good rib. Because I didn’t know what was going on. And because you know, there are buttons on the steering wheel, so you never know if you’re changing the channel accidentally. So I was looking and… it was good. They did a good job. It was very frustrating, and it was at least two hours. And they did it – it wasn’t at a point like they did it every two minutes they were changing. Because then eventually I would probably figure it out.

But it was spaced out so well that I would forget about it, we were talking too… so there was a conversation and it would happen half an hour later. And I just got very frustrated. And they yucked it up later. So kudos to them.”

Watch the entire interview with The New Day below.

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