How a failed quest for mangoes led to Sachin Tendulkar joining cricket coaching

Former Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar revealed that the aftermath of a failed quest to steal mangoes led to him joining cricket coaching!

Speaking to Gaurav Kapur on Breakfast with Champions, the legendary batsman narrated an incident of him and his friends trying to steal mangoes while everyone was engrossed in a movie on Doordarshan, which eventually led to him being a cricketer!

Tendulkar also revealed that he thought that his first innings in Karachi against Pakistan will also be his last as he felt he was not good enough.

“First innings of my life, in Karachi, I thought it would be my first and last innings,” said Tendulkar. “In the first match, I had no idea. Waqar (Younis) bowling from one end, Wasim (Akram) going full-throttle from the other. And they had just started reverse-ball. To go there and play suddenly, I was completely out of place.”



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