Karen Jarrett talks about the Braun Strowman incident

Last week, a certain incident was brought to light regarding an interaction between Braun Strowman and Karen Jarrett. Few weeks ago, Karen and Strowman were reportedly at the same bar in Nashville, and when Karen approached Braun for an autograph for her kids, Strowman blew her off, not knowing who she was.

It was also reported by Meltzer that Strowman swore at Karen, resulting in former Mrs. Angle teaching Strowman a lesson in etiquette and respect. After Braun realised who she was, he reportedly begged her not to tell Kurt about what happened. It was also mentioned in the passing that Strowman got down on his knees, while asking for forgiveness.

Karen Jarrett took part in a media conference call on early Thursday morning, and was asked about the incident. Karen brushed it off, saying people needed to move on from the topic.

Karen Jarrett’s response

When Karen was asked about the incident, she was taken aback, and said that the media needed to shift its focus to the in – ring product from the alleged incident.

“Oh my goodness, I can clear the air. It was a silly incident where you have two people in the wrestling business playing their characters, being silly and it got blown way out of proportion. And the fact that the two of us are still in the news and it’s still being talked about, that’s a question that you took the time to ask I think is hysterical, to be honest with you.

It’s silliness. It’s the wrestling business, we had fun with it and somebody took it and turned it into something more than it was.”

Going by Karen’s response, it could be that Strowman was joking with Karen, and those who narrated the incident might’ve not realised that both of them were joking with each other.

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