How the Jeff Hardy situation could affect WWE’s WrestleMania plans

Will Jeff Hardy make his return before WrestleMania?

We’ve been here before, which, oddly enough, doesn’t take away the gravity – and the implications, of what transpired few days ago.

Jeff Hardy, who is currently rehabbing an injury, was arrested for driving while impaired. His face was soon plastered all over the wrestling websites and dirt sheets, and as the adage goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

‘Brother Nero’ isn’t new to succumbing to the dark side. There have been numerous instances in his wrestling career, which wouldn’t make the ‘Jeff Hardy – Greatest Hits’ collection. We’ve all heard the excuses, and we’ve all witnessed his journey to absolution. They say the greatest antagonist to a genius is himself, and that is the case with Jeff Hardy.

With WrestleMania 34 inching closer, there was a glimmer of hope, of Jeff returning in time to compete at the Showcase of the Immortals. It was last year at WrestleMania, after all, that Matt and Jeff revisited the WWE realm, bringing with them the force of the seven deities, and the dark forces that have latched on to the Charismatic Enigma.

The instance wasn’t beyond comprehension, so much so that WWE decided to release a statement, saying Jeff Hardy was responsible for his own actions.

Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions. We are investigating the matter and awaiting information from local law enforcement officials.

How Jeff Hardy ’s arrest could scupper plans for WrestleMania

Jeff Hardy was expected to return as Brother Nero in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania. With ‘Woken’ Matt challenging Bray Wyatt to the Ultimate Deletion, there were reports that Jeff could return during the showdown.

The former WWE Champion was expected to partner Matt Hardy at WrestleMania, but with Jeff’s recent run – in with the law, WWE might have to change plans, and book Matt Hardy in a singles match, taking Jeff off the WrestleMania card.

There is also speculation about Jeff returning to WWE programming at Ultimate Deletion, according to Dave Meltzer. However, given WWE’s history with safety – first approach, one needn’t be surprised if the promotion pulls the plug on those plans as well.

WWE will air Ultimate Deletion next week on RAW, and we will get our answers – including Jeff Hardy’s status for WrestleMania in a week’s time.

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