How Conor McGregor has worked WWE and its fans

Promos and flashy, off the cuff exuberant remarks – this is what you can expect from a professional wrestler. While most of the wrestlers are made to rehearse what they say in the ring, the fact that they have to “live” their characters and get used to theatrics leads to them being sharp tongued. More so, every “feud” starts with a wrestler calling out his peer, often being critical or abrasive.

The “heel” characters work the audience in a similar manner. One of the clichéd ways to get “heat” is by insulting the local football team, or how their team never made the play offs. In professional wrestling, working people is common; as a wrestler, you need to get a reaction from the audience – good or bad. While this is a norm in the industry, any remark made by a celebrity outside the industry usually draws the ire of the fans and those involved within the industry.

The current UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor has made a name for himself as a brash, cocky trash talker. Conor, much like Chael Sonnen understands the need to market himself as a fighter, even if it means he makes unpopular statements. Conor has admitted that most of his comments are hyperboles, intended to sell the fights – something that is common in the land of professional wrestling.

During the recent UFC 202 conference call, Conor once again had some harsh words, but this time, he targeted the professional wrestling business – WWE and the WWE superstars in particular. Conor knew that the WWE stars and fans would quickly jump on his statements, and in a matter of days, Conor McGregor has once again become the talking point. If there ever was someone who understood how to work people with his “WWE is fake” rhetoric, it is Conor McGregor!

Couple of months ago, Conor did something similar when he sent Twitter into meltdown, announcing his retirement from MMA. Everyone started talking about Conor McGregor, including – and this is where it gets interesting – WWE! Conor has learned the art of promotion and trash talk from the WWE superstars, and used their own shoot – style promo against them.

McGregor, in his trademark fashion called out the WWE superstars, resulting in current and former WWE stars targeting Conor on their social media accounts. With just one statement, Conor McGregor has once again succeeded in being the center of attention, much like he was when his coach played up the rumors about Conor joining WWE couple of months ago.

Below are a few responses from former and current WWE stars.

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