Former WWE Superstar close to retirement, more possible departures from WWE

Aron Rex is no longer with Impact Wrestling, while Mauro Ranallo, Mick Foley and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin are reportedly done with WWE.

Damien Sandow aka Aron Rex no longer with Impact Wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow recently revealed that he was no longer working for Impact Wrestling. Sandow, who competed for TNA under the ring name of Aron Rex, was the former Impact Grand Champion, and last competed for Impact Wrestling few weeks ago. However, it was revealed earlier this week that Sandow could be close to retirement, from what he revealed during an interview.

However, Sandow has since taken to Twitter to clarify the situation, and said that while he is no longer with Impact Wrestling, he hasn’t called it a day. Sandow further revealed that he was taking time off from wrestling to concentrate on other things. There is no specific timeline as to when Sandow is expected to return to professional wrestling.

Mauro Ranallo possibly done with WWE

After weeks of no – showing WWE events, it is now being speculated that former SmackDown Live leading announcer, Mauro Ranallo maybe done with the company. Mauro, along with JBL and David Otunga/Tom Phillips manned the three man booth on SmackDown Live. Last month, Mauro failed to show up for an episode of SmackDown Live, and while it was later reported that it was due to Mauro suffering from an episode of depression, JBL wasn’t kind to his colleague.

It has since been revealed that tensions were already brewing between Bradshaw and Mauro. Bradshaw has been known to be somewhat of a bully, and was apparently bemused with Mauro’s increasing popularity among the fans and the ‘dirt sheets’. Mauro has since taken off WWE from his Twitter bio – an indication that he might be done with the company.

However, WWE hasn’t released a statement at this time.

Mick Foley and Steve Austin reportedly no longer under WWE contract

It is also being reported that former RAW General Manager, Mick Foley is no longer under contract with the promotion. Mick reportedly wasn’t signed to a contract during his tenure as the on – screen General Manager, and Dave Meltzer recently revealed that Foley’s firing on RAW couple of weeks ago was, in fact, his last night with the company.

Talking about legends, it is now being reported that Austin’s contract with the company to produce podcasts for the WWE Network has run its course. It is being speculated that one of the major reasons for Austin not being present during the WrestleMania weekend, was because he wasn’t obligated to do so.

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