Five WWE Superstars who may leave the company soon

WWE has brought in some big changes after the Superstar Shake Up. While some of the Superstars’ futures look bright, the others continue to linger at the bottom of the barrel, scraping whatever they can find, as they continue to struggle to remain relevant.

Being a WWE Superstar is anything but easy. No spots are guaranteed, and a moment’s hesitation can often lead to the Superstar finding themselves at the bottom of the totem pole. Nothing is certain in the company, and the harder you work, the better your chances are of making something of yourself.

However, there are a few Superstars whose futures look bleak at the moment. Here are five WWE Superstars who might be on their way out of the company soon.

#5 Leaving WWE – Lana

It’s safe to say that the Ravishing Russian has fallen down the pecking order, and is no longer in WWE’s plans for a push. Not too long ago, the creative team was high on Lana, and even wanted to let her wrestle. As time progressed, with Rusev and Lana getting married, they seemed to have lost interest in the Superstar, and she is unfortunately not being used at the moment.

You can almost feel the tension brewing between WWE and the couple. Rusev is one of the most popular Superstars on the roster today, and has to take a back seat to people who are barely over. While the Bulgarian Brute is still playing some role in the company, the same cannot be said about Lana.

#4 Neville

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion walked out of the company last year, as he wasn’t happy with the creative’s direction for his character. With Neville and Austin Aries’s departures, the division fell into a rut, and is finally being placed on the right track, with Cedric Alexander becoming the new champion.

While there have been talks between Neville and WWE, with multiple reports even suggesting that the talks have largely been positive, it almost feels like the end of the road for the Superstar in the company.
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With Neville eyeing the possibility of performing on the independents once again, both parties might reach an agreement, and go their separate ways this year.

#3 Hideo Itami

The Japanese Superstar was signed to much fanfare, and Hideo has been a top wrestler before coming to the WWE. He has been unlucky in the company, largely thanks to his injuries that have halted his career. Itami’s shoulder injury kept him off TV for over a year, and while many expected him to be moved to the main roster, he has been sent to 205 Live instead.

Hideo was expected to be a big name in the company, but it is now obvious that his time in WWE will not amount to much. Itami would be better off competing in Japan, or go back to the independents in the United States, and work his way back to the top.

#2 Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan finds himself in a very unfortunate situation. His neck injury leaves him staring down the barrel, with the likelihood of his return to the ring not looking good.
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Similar to Edge and Steve Austin, Jason Jordan’s neck injury might result in the Superstar not getting cleared by the WWE doctors, and he might have to sit on the sidelines for a year or two.

If Jason believes that he can wrestle again safely, WWE might not be the place for him to do so. With the company’s policy of protecting the Superstars first, Jordan would face an uphill task to convince Vince McMahon and the WWE hierarchy of letting him wrestle again in the company, whenever that may be.

As hard as it is, Jordan’s WWE career might’ve already ended.

#1 Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks in clearly disenchanted with her position in the company, and the WWE Superstar has time and again voiced her displeasure about her status. Banks in a multiple time RAW Women’s Champion, but has come into the firing line for her bad attitude. Sasha is also accused of coasting through her matches, and the WWE creative team might not have big plans for the Superstar.

Saying that, Sasha is still a draw, and would do incredibly well on the independent scene. If Banks isn’t given her due credit in the company, the best thing for her would be to go to the independents, and cement her legacy as a true boss!

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