Five unlikely Superstars to have defeated Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar wasn’t always as invincible as he is today

In WWE today, Brock Lesnar’s name is synonymous with chaos and destruction. The current Universal Champion has been the judge, jury and the executioner on RAW, wrecking havoc, and destroying everything in his path.

Brock’s new nickname may very well be ‘The Beast Slayer’, considering the relative ease with which he defeated Braun Strowman. Lesnar’s first run in the company was just as dominant, which saw him becoming the youngest WWE Champion in the company’s history.

While he has had very little problems in disposing off the mid carders, like everybody else, Lesnar too had to work his way up. This involved working dark matches and live events, during which ‘The Beast Incarnate’ suffered losses to some less – than – impressive opponents.

Five unlikely Superstars to have beaten Brock Lesnar

#1 Kanyon

You’d be forgiven if the name ‘Kanyon’ doesn’t immediately ring a bell. By and large, Kanyon’s WWE run was forgettable. In fact, the former WCW Superstar is fondly remembered for the insane bump he took from the top of the triple cage, sent crashing to the floor below.

The fact that most of the people who do remember the former WWE Superstar do so because of his catchphrase speaks volumes about his run in the company. Kanyon won the tag team gold in WCW and WWE, and was also a former United States Champion during the Invasion angle.

One thing most people would definitely be oblivious about, is the fact that Kanyon holds a pin fall victory over Brock Lesnar, at a time when Lesnar was being prepped to be brought down to the main roster from OVW.

#2 Lance Storm

Lance Storm is considered by many to be one of the most underrated wrestlers in the history of the business. Storm was technically gifted, but was considered too serious to be packaged as an entertainer in the company. While his demeanour and his mic skills held him back from reaching his potential in the company, he did win the United States Championship, Intercontinental title, the Hardcore title, tag team titles and the Cruiserweight title in WWE and WCW.

One of Storm’s most notable victories came against a young, blue chip prospect in Brock Lesnar. Back when Lesnar was still working live events, and wasn’t brought in as Heyman’s personal enforcer, Storm defeated the future WWE and Universal Champion!

#3 Bill DeMott

Most people of this generation would remember Bill as the guy who got fired for bullying the young WWE Superstars. Bill got his big break in WCW, as a member of The First Family, and later signed with WWE during the Invasion angle. After wrapping up his in – ring career, Bill worked as an agent behind the scenes, and later as the head trainer.

It was during this time that he allegedly took liberties with the young talent, physically and mentally abusing them. However, Bill also has a pin fall victory over the current Universal Champion, defeating Lesnar during a live event, once again at a time when Lesnar was still honing his craft and making in – roads as a WWE Superstar.

#4 Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn was a part of one of the greatest wrestling factions in history, and was one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Billy enjoyed a successful singles and tag team career in the company, winning the Hardcore title, Intercontinental title and the tag team titles en route to carving a place for himself in wrestling folklore. Gunn also won the King of The Ring tournament in ’99, albeit never truly achieving the success one expected him to achieve during his more successful days in the promotion.

While Gunn’s popularity and stock in the WWE diminished considerably at the dawn of the new millennium, he can still boast about picking up a pin fall victory over The Beast Incarnate. Gunn was given the task of nurturing the talent as his career was winding down in the company, and had the opportunity to work with Lesnar, at a time when the NCAA Division I Champion was still learning the tricks of the trade.

#5 ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig

Words aren’t needed to encompass the legacy of certain Superstars, and Curt Hennig’s name falls in that list. At his peak, there was nobody that could out wrestle or out work Curt. In fact, his persona was a mere extension to his original character, and Hennig was always considered to be one of the work horses in the wrestling business.

The reason why we included his name in the list was because when Curt faced Lesnar, he was past his prime, and very few would even remember his WWE stint in early 2000’s. Curt and Lesnar were also involved in the now infamous ‘Plane Ride From Hell’, where Curt and Lesnar got into a physical altercation, nearly putting a dent in the plane! While Mr. Perfect was fired from WWE because of the incident, he does hold a victory over Brock Lesnar at a WWE live event!

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