Five things we learnt from WWE Great Balls Of Fire – Lesnar beats Joe, Reigns assaults Strowman

Lesnar – Joe feud could resume down the line, Reigns on the verge of turning heel?

Irrespective of how ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ sounds, the show certainly delivered. Fresh off the heels of a dominant victory at WrestleMania 33, The Beast Incarnate defended the Universal title against Samoa Joe in the main event. The other big match of the night saw Roman Reigns square off against Braun Strowman in an Ambulance match.

The Pay Per View also offered a brief insight into what Roman’s heel turn would be like. Roman Reigns faced Braun Strowman in a brutal encounter. In the end, Roman’s willingness to hurt Strowman cost the Samoan, as Strowman picked up the victory. However, what happened in the aftermath left the WWE Universe reeling.

We take a look at the five things we understood from WWE Great Balls Of Fire PPV.

1. The conclusion to Lesnar – Joe bout leaves the door open for a rematch

In the main event, Lesnar faced Joe for the Universal Championship. After weeks of sneak attacks and taunts, everything was on the line for both men this past Sunday. Lesnar won the Universal title at WrestleMania 33, and his first title defence was against a man the likes of which he had never faced before.

Joe immediately went after Lesnar, attacking him even before the bell rang. Lesnar tried to recover, but Joe relentlessly attacked Lesnar. However, the Universal Champion proved that he is indeed a physical specimen, as he drilled Joe with multiple German Suplexes.

The unwavering thirst for championship gold led to both men engaging in a tug of war for supremacy. Towards the end, Joe trapped Lesnar in the Coquina Clutch, and in a last ditch effort, Lesnar somehow managed to drop Joe with an F – 5, doing just enough to pick up the victory.

While Lesnar’s victory once again highlights his dominance in WWE, Joe’s ability to push Lesnar to extreme lengths made Samoa Joe look like the monster he is. In the end, the bout was well booked, and leaves the door open for a rematch down the line should WWE choose to take that route.

2. WWE building towards a Fatal Four Way match at SummerSlam for RAW Women’s title

Sasha Banks won the gauntlet match on RAW, to earn the right to face Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s title. At Great Balls Of Fire, it was obvious that Sasha would bring her A – Game, while Bliss would do everything in her power to walk out as still the RAW Women’s Champion. And that was exactly what happened.

Bliss decided to take the easy way out, and lost the bout via count out. However, Bliss retained her title, which for all intents and purposes looked like Sasha’s to win. Banks didn’t appreciate Bliss weaselling out however, as she attacked the RAW Women’s Champion post match. On Sunday, it was Sasha that stood tall.

With how the rivalries are being played out, this could lead to a Fatal Four Way match at SummerSlam, between Bliss, Sasha, Bayley and Nia Jax. We could also witness the rumoured heel turn of Sasha Banks, planting seeds for a rivalry between Sasha and Bayley, while Nia and Bliss battle for the gold.

3. The Hardy Boyz’s challenge for tag team championship put on hold

Sheamus and Cesaro might’ve caught The Hardys off guard when they turned on the former champions, but the current RAW Tag Team Champions certainly haven’t surprised anyone with their wits and ability to hold on to the tag team gold. This past Sunday, Cesaro and Sheamus faced The Hardys in a 30 minute Iron Man match, and ended up winning the contest.

The Hardys, who’ve been teasing the fans about bringing their old gimmicks back, lost their match on RAW. Post match, The Hardys were attacked by The Revival, which could signify the beginning of a new rivalry for the brothers. Cesaro and Sheamus could now turn their attention to Anderson and Gallows.

Will we see a new addition to The Club? How will a heel team versus heel team dynamic work? Things could get interesting in the tag team division going forward.

4. The Miz set to take on a new challenger

The Miz has undoubtedly been RAW’s top star in the past few months. The WWE Intercontinental Champion put his title on the line against Dean Ambrose at Great Balls Of Fire. And after a good back and forth match, as expected, The Miztourage interfered, leading to Miz retaining the title. The rivalry between Ambrose and Miz has been going on for months, which started when they were still on SmackDown Live.

The events on RAW could indicate the beginning of a new rivalry for the Intercontinental title. While Seth couldn’t beat Bray at Great Balls Of Fire, as things stand, he could now challenge Miz for the IC title. Seth came to Ambrose’s aid this past Monday, and while Dean didn’t appreciate Seth’s help, the seeds have been planted for a feud between Miz and Rollins going into SummerSlam.

5. Roman Reigns’ heel turn would cement his status as WWE’s top Superstar

For the past couple of years, the WWE fans have been revolting against the idea of Roman Reigns becoming WWE’s next flag bearer. With Cena openly admitting that he is being phased out, Roman Reigns is WWE’s crown jewel. However, the company has found little success in trying to pacify the fans, and somehow succeed in manoeuvring Reigns as WWE’s biggest babyface.

On Sunday, though, WWE did not think about portraying Reigns as a babyface. After losing to Strowman in the Ambulance match, a dejected and irate Reigns took his frustrations out on Strowman. Reigns rammed the ambulance Strowman was in, resulting in the General Manager and WWE staff panicking for the safety of Braun Strowman.

The emotions and the reaction Reigns evoked after the assault proved that Reigns could be WWE’s top Superstar – just not as a babyface.

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