Five things we learnt from WWE Fastlane – WrestleMania matches to be made

Fall out from WWE Fastlane

As the dust settles, we now have a relatively clearer picture of the WrestleMania card. Last night at WWE Fastlane, we witnessed a few surprises, and a few mundane outcomes that everybody – including their grandmothers – saw coming.

John Cena’s WrestleMania plans are just as clear as they were a month ago. While the 16 – time world champion has been talking a big game, it’s quite clear that WWE has something else planned for the Superstar, which could be revealed this week. Cena lost the chance to compete for the Universal Championship and the WWE Championship, and will instead focus on one last hurrah – quite possibly an encounter with the dead at WrestleMania 34.

Charlotte Flair defeated Ruby Riott, but the biggest talking point came afterwards. The SmackDown Tag Team titles were also defended, while the United States Championship changed hands this past Sunday.

Here are the five things we learnt from WWE Fastlane.

We’re no closer to finding what’s in store for John Cena after Fastlane 

John Cena put all of his eggs in one basket at WWE Fastlane. Cena lost the Elimination Chamber match last month, and his title hopes hinged on him being able to outlast five other Superstars at WWE Fastlane. While the Leader of Cenation came close to winning the title, he eventually had to taste disappointment, with Styles retaining his title.

For months, rumors have been making rounds about Cena facing The Undertaker. In fact, Cena himself said on RAW couple of weeks ago that he wanted to face The Deadman. However, he also claimed that it was an impossible dream, but with Cena having no more options, we might get to see WWE pulling the trigger with the Cena – Undertaker dream match at WrestleMania.

Fastlane gave us no definite answers, but the implications might be easier to understand at this point.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka will face each other at WrestleMania

The SmackDown Women’s Champion faced Ruby Riott at WWE Fastlane, with the title up for grabs. Charlotte Flair successfully retained her championship, and her opponent for WrestleMania was confirmed after the match.

Heading into Fastlane, reports emerged that Charlotte would face Asuka at WrestleMania, with Carmella trying to cash – in, only to fail to win the title. If what happened this past Sunday is any indication, we might get to see the same unfold.

However, WWE would be cautious about the leak, and might change their plans for Carmella. Charlotte Flair will indeed defend her title against the undefeated Empress, and it remains to be seen what happens come April 8th.

Shane McMahon needs to find a partner – in – crime

For the past few months, some of the WWE fans have been complaining about Shane McMahon stealing the spotlight, and making it all about himself. The way things operate in WWE is different; instead of having a long – term plan, most of the feuds are built with short – term perspective. At Fastlane, we finally understood where WWE was heading with the Owens – Sami – Shane McMahon storyline.

Shane cost both Owens and Zayn the opportunity to become WWE Champions. Owens kicked Shane by accident, which led to the Commissioner of SmackDown Live getting involved physically. Not only will it lead to a match involving the three Superstars at WrestleMania, but Shane will likely have to find a partner, which could be Owens’s best friend turned nemesis, Chris Jericho.

The Bludgeon Brothers just put themselves in title contention

The Usos and The New Day looked set to put on yet another stellar performance at WWE Fastlane. The two teams have showcased great chemistry while working together, and have previously been involved in Match Of The Year candidates.

This past Sunday, it looked like the two teams were at it again. Kofi and Woods took a page out of the champions’s playbook, while The Usos once again proved why they are arguably one of the best tag teams in the past decade in the company. However, by the end of the evening, the fans weren’t talking about either of the teams.

Instead, it was Harper and Rowan that bagged the bragging rights. The duo completely dismantled the two teams, and physically bullied and dominated the champions. Rowan and Harper will now face The Usos and The New Day in a triple threat match at WrestleMania, and deserve to get their shot at glory.

Triple threat match for the U.S. Title to be announced

Randy Orton and Bobby Roode were involved in a methodically – paced match for the United States Championship. While the premise to the title match wasn’t anything to get excited about, the outcome of the match now leaves just one possibility at WrestleMania.

Randy Orton defeated Roode to become the new United States Champion, but was taken out by Jinder Mahal post match. Roode laid both men out to be the last man standing, which could add a much needed grey shade to his already bland character on the main roster.

Bobby has a proven track record as a heel, and could benefit immensely with a different shade to his character. Mahal, Roode and Orton are now expected to face off at WrestleMania for the United States Championship, which could be announced on SmackDown Live this week.

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