Five Superstars that were reportedly bullied by JBL

Five WWE talents that were reportedly bullied by JBL

There was a time when wrestlers used to haze the new recruits – a rite of passage if you will. However, with WWE proclaiming a zero tolerance policy for bullying, and with all the backstage/road stories now being brought under the microscope, many believe that the organisation has curbed this menace.

In the recent past however, many former WWE Superstars have spoken out about bullying still being a persistent nuisance behind the scenes. With recent reports of Mauro Ranallo allegedly quitting the company after being subjected to bullying by John “Bradshaw” Layfield, many people have been critical of the SmackDown Live announcer.

This wasn’t the first time Bradshaw was accused of bullying WWE talent. Many past and present stars have accused JBL of being a bully, and for hazing those who had less ‘pull’ backstage. Justin Roberts too came out couple of days ago, and accused John of making his life miserable during his time with the company.

Today, we take a look at five Superstars that were reportedly bullied by JBL.

The Miz

Before Miz became the WWE Champion, many thought he didn’t belong in the WWE locker room. In fact, Miz revealed in the past that there was a cloud of tension hovering over him, every time he walked into the locker room. As it turned out, it was anything but easy for The Miz, when he signed up with the promotion.

With The Miz being a reality TV star before putting pen to paper with the company, many wrestlers believed he didn’t deserve to be in the same locker room as them. JBL, who was a member of the SmackDown roster at the time, reportedly took the liberty of hazing the youngster. JBL reportedly threw The Miz’s ring gear out of the locker room, forcing Miz to change in the halls and bath rooms.

The Blue Meanie

When WWE decided to resurrect the dead and buried ECW over a decade ago, not many Superstars were thrilled with the idea. After all, ECW, along with WCW tried to put WWE out of business during the late 90’s. Also, the WWE Superstars believed they were superior to the ECW performers, and many believed that the ECW performers weren’t fit to become professional wrestlers.

JBL once again led the rebel group, and during the ECW One Night Stand PPV back in 2005, JBL tried to make a statement. During the closing stages, a brawl ensued in the ring, but JBL threw legitimate ‘heat’ at Blue Meanie, pounding on him with heavy blows. Meanie was left busted open and bruised, as JBL left the ring proud of his handwork.

What goes around, comes around however, as Meanie’s friend, Stevie Richards decided to seek retribution for his friend. On an episode of SmackDown, Richards drilled JBL with a hard chair shot, busting him open!

Mark Henry

Mark Henry is one of the longest tenured WWE performers, and looking at the man himself, not many would want to mess with the former World Heavyweight Champion. However, JBL reportedly was none too impressed with the “World’s Strongest Man”, and Henry has spoken multiple times about how he had a problem with Bradshaw when he first came to WWE.

JBL reportedly hazed Mark, and used to put his gear in plastic bags and leave them in the showers. Henry however understood that it was just a rib – something that was quite common with the new recruits back in the day. Henry said JBL did some other ‘stupid stuff’, but the two have since patched up.

Steve Blackman

“The lethal weapon” Steve Blackman was one of the most intimidating figures during the Attitude Era. Blackman was a martial artist, and came to the company with a reputation of being tough as nails. Steve was also reportedly quiet backstage, and more often than not kept to himself. JBL apparently took this attitude as an opportunity for him to ‘rib’ Blackman.

As Bob Holly mentioned in his book, JBL apparently started messing with Blackman in the Kansas airport back in ’99. After paying no heed to multiple cautions, Blackman finally had it, and connected with multiple jabs, and was a split second away from knocking JBL’s teeth out! JBL reportedly later apologised to Steve in front of the wrestlers, and shook his hand.

JBL also reportedly told Blackman that he would never mess with him again. Blackman made a cameo on the ‘JBL & Cole Show’ couple of years ago.

Joey Styles

Joey was known as the ‘loose cannon’ in ECW, and while he doesn’t look tough, Joey could hold his own in a fight. When Styles was under contract with WWE, he was reportedly bullied by JBL multiple times, but Joey finally had enough. RVD during one of the shoot interviews revealed that Joey and JBL finally got into a physical altercation, and Styles got his revenge.

During the Tribute to the Troops show back in 2008, JBL reportedly got under Joey’s skin, by spilling a drink on him on purpose. Styles finally had enough, and reportedly knocked JBL out cold!

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