Five realistic cross promotional fights that can happen between WWE and UFC stars

At UFC 214, Jon Jones proved once again just why he is considered by many to be the greatest UFC fighter of all time. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion stepped into the Octagon, and methodically dismantled Daniel Cormier.

In the third round, Jon connected with a vicious head kick, and followed up with a barrage of strikes to reclaim his throne.

But what caught the attention of the sporting world was what Jones had to say in the immediate aftermath. Jon Jones called out former UFC Heavyweight Champion, and current WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar.

There has been talk about Jones and Lesnar duking it out inside the Octagon sometime next year. Jon further fuelled those rumours, and Lesnar soon fired back, saying he’d fight Jones anytime, anywhere.

For years, there has been a talk about cross – promotional super fights happening in either the WWE or in the UFC. Today, we take a look at five such realistic possibilities, that may very well happen in the near future.

Jon Jones – Brock Lesnar (UFC)

The first fight is the one that is on everyone’s mind at the moment. After Jon Jones defeated Daniel Cormier, he called out ‘The Beast Incarnate’. It didn’t take long for the internet to explode; however, there are a couple of reasons why we might have to wait for at least a year for the fight to happen.

Brock Lesnar must first serve his one year suspension. After testing positive for banned substances during his UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt, Lesnar was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for one year.

However, Lesnar announced his retirement, and if he harbours any intentions of coming back, he needs to serve his suspension, which will be retroactive from the day he announced his retirement.

Also, Lesnar needs to enter the USADA testing pool, which is usually around four months before a fighter expects to fight. This will push the highly anticipated bout to mid 2018.

Becky Lynch – Cris Cyborg (WWE)

One other fighter who came out with a shiny new belt at UFC 214 was Cris Cyborg. Arguably the greatest WMMA fighter entered the Octagon this past Saturday night, vying to become the new UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion.

It only took Cris around 11 minutes to pummel her opponent, as Cyborg once again proved just why she is the most dominant female athlete in the world today.

However, even before UFC 214, Cris and WWE Superstar Becky Lynch were going back and forth on social media.

As Cris was making her way to the cage, Becky uploaded a video, where she challenged Cyborg to a match at SummerSlam! Cris responded in kind, accepting Becky’s challenge. However, both Vince McMahon and Dana White need to sign off on the proposed bout.

But with WWE agreeing to let Lesnar fight at UFC 200, one has to believe that it won’t take months of negotiations to let Cris compete in a WWE match.

Ronda Rousey – Stephanie McMahon (WWE)

For years, WWE management believed that they could cash in on Ronda’s popularity, and get her to compete at WrestleMania. However, things have changed dramatically since November 2015, and Ronda Rousey has effectively retired from MMA.

However, that will not stop WWE from pursuing Ronda, to get her to compete in a WWE match.

Ronda’s close friend, and one of the members of the Four Horsewomen, Shayna Baszler is now a full time professional wrestler. Ronda has also quite often been seen attending wrestling shows, where she, for a change, was seen enjoying herself.

So don’t write off a Ronda Rousey appearance at WrestleMania, or on one of the big WWE PPVs. However, with Ronda considering bearing the fruits of Browne’s loins, it has to happen sooner rather than later.

Dana White – Vince McMahon (WWE)

Dana White once famously recounted an incident, when Vince McMahon challenged the UFC President to a fight, either at WrestleMania, or in the UFC. Vince McMahon has been known to be an abrasive businessman, shrewd and meticulous in his approach.

But that has made him who he is today – one of the biggest and most respected businessmen in the world.

Similar to Eric Bischoff throwing down a challenge to Vince McMahon during the Monday Night Wars, it would be quite a spectacle to see Vince and Dana slugging it out inside a wrestling ring.

Considering Vince McMahon convinced the future President of the United States to appear on WWE programming years ago, we needn’t be surprised if Dana and Vince face each other at WrestleMania.

Conor McGregor – Roman Reigns (WWE)

If we talk about the two biggest stars in the sports entertainment industry today, it has to be Conor McGregor and Roman Reigns – albeit the difference between their popularity is pretty evident. Conor McGregor is about to do the unthinkable – box Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in what will easily be the biggest fight of the century.

Conor and WWE are made for each other. McGregor would fit perfectly in the promotion; in fact, Conor has previously taken cheap shots at WWE and the WWE Superstars.

One of the Superstars to fire back was none other than ‘The Big Dog’. Reigns told Conor that he was the size of his leg, and if Conor could convince Floyd to partake in a boxing match with him, imagine what WWE and Conor McGregor could do in a year or two at WrestleMania!

While Conor is now used to making millions in one night, WWE can make Conor an offer he cannot refuse.

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