Exclusive: The Singh Brothers say they looked up to Shah Rukh Khan, talk about WWE and India

Exclusive interview with The Singh Brothers

It wasn’t even a month ago that the WWE Superstars, after a long, tiring journey to the UAE, made their way to India. The major attraction, to no one’s surprise was the former WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal.

The Singh Brothers were also in India, as they watched Mahal take on Triple H in the main event. The Singh Brothers have been in the wrestling business for over a decade themselves, and signed with WWE during the Cruiserweight Classic.

We caught up with the Singh Brothers during the tour, as they opened up about their admiration for Shah Rukh Khan, about their family, and what it meant for them to come to India along with WWE.

How big of an achievement it is for the Singh Brothers, given their family history and their hardships

Samir Singh: Yeah, actually when we were on our ride from the airport…

Sunil Singh: Not even the ride! When the plane was coming down, when it was landing, I had goosebumps. Because I’m like, “Man, our father is from here. Our mom is from here”.

Samir Singh: There’s no way you don’t think about it. Our parents, they were born and bred here. They left here, moved to Canada, raised their sons, and now, for us to come back here, and working here, it’s very cool.

Sunil Singh: I know. Our parents are very excited for us to be here now. As my brother said, as kids, we came here many, many times. Our paaji, who is from Punjab, it was his dream to see us in the WWE. He did not know what WWE was, but he was always like, “Hey, when are you guys going to make it? When are you guys going to make it?” Not knowing the struggle that happens to get here, so for 10 years, we told him, “Don’t worry. We’re going to get here”.

So, just before CWC… right after CWC he unfortunately passed away. But he was able to know that we competed in CWC. He got to know that we got signed to the WWE. And at that time, we were just starting on the 205 Live and NXT. So unfortunately, he’s not here to know that we’re in this country right now, but I’m sure he’s smiling down.

Thoughts on WWE coming to India and putting on such a stacked card

Samir Singh: You have the card itself that’s amazing. It was like a PPV card. It’s not just a “throwaway” card, you know? You got Braun Strowman vs. Kane, then you had Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks. You have Jinder Mahal vs. Triple H; this is a PPV calibre card right here… The Shield vs. The Bar and Samoa Joe. That goes to show how big India is for WWE, and for years, WWE has been trying to get here. They came here once in the 90’s, and then in 2000’s.

But now, it’s, “Okay, India is a big market for WWE”, and Jinder Mahal has represented so well as the WWE Champion. This is the boom period, and I think it’s great for the Indian fans who wanted to see us wrestle, but really have hope now, because WWE is coming here often. So there’s that… the gates (have) opened.

Sunil Singh: Yeah, and actually, we were having a conversation with Jinder not too long ago, how cool it is that, in the 90’s you had Tiger Jeet Singh, you had Gama, and in 2000’s you had Khali, but the three of us have really opened the doors for kids. Those who dream about getting into WWE; we get tons of messages a day, asking us how to get here, and where to start. And that in itself is cool, because those guys set the foundation for us, but I think we’ve taken it to the next level, especially with Jinder being the first ever WWE Indian Champion. That’s huge, and him working with guys like Randy and Shinsuke and AJ, and it’s been – not pun intended – phenomenal.

So, we spoke to a lot of kids, who hope to get here one day. It’s been really cool for us.

The Singh Brothers on if lack of Indian promotions could be a major hurdle

Samir Singh: For sure; I think eventually if you want to wrestle, you need to start wrestling. The more WWE comes out here, the more the name gets out. The more people get acquainted to it, I think the more promotions start popping up. So if anything, I think WWE spearheading the way is a good thing for Indian promotions, to start popping up.

Sunil Singh: Yeah, absolutely. I think it also kind of weeds out those who don’t want to. To make it in this business, you need to have passion. And if you can’t… if you can’t get the work here, then you got to go outside and get work. So it can get really build the level of competition between the kids out here. Who really wants it? If you really want it, then okay, let’s go find work somewhere else, because that’s what we did.

We weren’t really getting work where we were from, so we went out, we kept hustling, we kept trying, and eventually, the cream rises, no matter what.

One Superstar they looked up to while growing up

Samir Singh: I would say, for both of us, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. They had such an amazing feud, that now it’s both. And we built such a great relationship with Shawn Michaels at the PC, now it’s just kind of like, “Oh man! Shawn’s the greatest of all time”. And just to learn from him has been amazing.

Sunil Singh: Even outside of sports entertainment, we’d say – we talk about guys like Shahrukh Khan, who made it from nothing – who made it from scratch! He clawed his way to the top. For two kids sitting at home, watching him and reading his book, knowing his story, and go, “Man, this has made it from nowhere to the top of the industry that he is in! Why can’t we have the same mentality?”

One message to the aspiring wrestlers from India

Sunil Singh: You got to believe in yourself. Like we were talking about it earlier, if it’s not going to happen here, what are you going to do? Are you just going to give up? Or are you going to keep messaging people about it? Or are you actually going to do something? So it’s about how bad you really want it.

Samir Singh: Yeah, it’s the passion. It comes down to… you got to love it. Again, it’s not as glamorous as people think. You’re living out of a suitcase. I tell the story, where we were literally in Mexico, Peru, flew to San Diego, now flew back to India. Literally I haven’t been home in three weeks.

Sunil Singh: And you should expect a lot of doors to be slammed in your face. But are you going to give up? Or are you going to find another way in? Hustle!

Samir Singh: You got to love it.

Sunil Singh: Lot of people think it’s all fun and games where they are. But once you really get into the grind, you know it’s pretty easy to weed out the weak ones.

Samir Singh: A lot of people talk about it, but very few end up doing it. Plus, honestly, it’s the greatest job in the world.

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