Dwayne Bravo – ‘We are Natural Entertainers’

If you wanted to describe West Indies cricket in one word, it would be ‘Charismatic’. There is an alluring aura about the players from the Caribbean when they appear on the playing field, whether it is the players from the past or in the present. Viv Richards had more swagger while chewing  gum than many people playing cricket. Every time Brian Lara pulled a short ball to square leg, every viewer’s jaw would drop in admiration. Kieron Pollard sticks a tape over his mouth while fielding, Bravo raps, Darren Sammy can give moving speeches, Andre Russell flies around the field, Chris Gayle names his baby ‘Blush’ and Carlos Brathwaite wins a T20 World Cup with four sixes in a row.

We caught up with Dwayne Bravo and asked him what makes the players from the Caribbean so special and entertaining on and off the field. Here’s what the ‘DJ’ had to say!


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