Dinesh Karthik gets out in hilarious fashion in TN’s win over Bengal in Vijay Hazare Trophy final

Dinesh Karthik played an important knock for his side Tamil Nadu in the Vijay Hazare Trophy final against West Bengal, scoring 112 runs and helping his team get to a total of 217 batting first. The rest of the Tamil Nadu batting order did not fire, and it was up to Karthik to step up and take the lead. However, the manner of his dismissal was perhaps the most anticlimactic way a batsman could get out.

Mohammad Shami was steaming in to bowl to Karthik towards the end of the Tamil Nadu innings, and Karthik was seeing the ball well. As the ball left Shami’s hand, it went wide down leg stump¬†while Karthik tried to take a mighty heave at the leather. Not able to make connection with the ball, the umpire initially signaled for a wide ball. But seconds later, the players (including Karthik) realized that he had actually lost balance in the swing as his bat went on to knock the bails off in his follow through!

Confused, the umpire consulted the third umpire for assistance, and Karthik was eventually given out. Fortunately for him, his side went on to win the match and he lifted the Vijay Hazare Trophy as captain.

Here is that unusual sequence in pictures.



Speaking about his dismissal after the game, Karthik could see the funny side of it all. He said, “It’s interesting, I haven’t seen my dismissal yet. I find ways to get out, run out and other ways. I haven’t seen my dismissal, but I still can’t believe I hit the stumps. I was pretty upset, because it was 5 runs as well but I’m happy about the result.”


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