CM Punk offered one million to return to wrestling, WWE open to bringing Ranallo back

CM Punk offered one million dollars by 5 Star Wrestling

When CM Punk finally made his highly anticipated – and much maligned UFC debut, the world couldn’t stop buzzing. While Punk realised his dream of competing inside the Octagon, it soon became obvious that he was nowhere near the level of other professional fighters.

Punk has since remained tight lipped, as has Dana White regarding the future of the former WWE Champion. Dana previously said Punk should go to the local promotions and accumulate a good record before fighting in UFC again. For his part, Punk is reportedly optimistic about fighting inside the Octagon soon.

As it is with every other major name that has left the business, Punk’s name is constantly linked with a return to WWE. It is now being reported that a UK based promotion is offering Punk $ 1 mil to return to wrestling.

The Sun is reporting that 5 Star Wrestling is vying to bring the Straight Edge Superstar to the UK. The audacious move comes as no surprise, as UK has been one of the biggest markets for professional wrestling in recent years.

The owner of 5 Star Wrestling, Daniel Hinkles told The Sun, “We’ve been trying to contact CM Punk on and off for well over a year. We wanted him on the first show we did in Edinburgh in 2015. I’ve tried going through friends in the industry, I’ve gone through his website and sent dozens of emails but the opportunity has never been this big.

We want to offer CM Punk $1 million dollars (£770,000) to come and join the 5 Star Wrestling tour starting June 10th. It’s a genuine offer. We’d love to hear back from the man himself. We want to do this with him.

We are hugely ambitious. When we ask the fans who they want to see, CM Punk’s name is on everybody’s wish list and we’re willing to spend big to make it happen.

I know he is seemingly focused on MMA at the moment and this wouldn’t have to end that, but wrestling is in his blood and $1 million has to be worth thinking about.”

WWE reportedly open to bringing Mauro Ranallo back down the line

It is being reported that WWE is open to bringing back the former announcer in the future. Mauro served as the voice of SmackDown Live, but decided to leave couple of months ago. Mauro was reportedly subjected to bullying by John “Bradshaw” Layfield, leading to a public backlash.

WWE has reportedly agreed to pay Mauro for the remainder of his contract, which will run out later this year. However, the management is open to bringing Ranallo back down the line, and it is being reported that there is a lot of “water under the bridge”.

Mauro is currently working with Showtime Boxing, and has other commitments outside professional wrestling. Mauro also previously indicated that he might call pro wrestling matches down the line.

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