Breaking: Paige announces her retirement from WWE

Paige announced her retirement on RAW

We’ve known for some time that there is a good chance Paige might never compete in a WWE ring again. After what happened with Bryan, with WWE taking a hardline stance to not let Bryan compete, watching Paige collapse in the ring during a live event all but confirmed that we will never see Paige in a WWE ring again.

WWE has always prioritized the health of the Superstars, and putting their health and safety first is the right thing to do. While neither Paige, nor WWE have openly come out saying she will never compete in a WWE ring again, the writing was on the wall.

The former Divas Champion has been cornering the members of Absolution over the past couple of months, and hasn’t gotten physically involved. The Anti – Diva has been dealing with a serious neck injury over the past year and half, and underwent surgery to repair her neck. The seriousness of her neck injury was even compared to what happened with Edge and Steve Austin, which forced them to retire from wrestling.

Paige retires on RAW after WrestleMania

On this week’s edition of RAW, Paige, after Mandy Rose’s match with Sasha Banks, took the microphone and announced her retirement from in – ring competition. With tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat, Paige revealed that she can no longer compete in the ring.
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Paige’s announcement comes on the heels of Daniel Bryan’s return to in – ring competition. Bryan had to fight for over two years, to get the chance to compete in a WWE ring again, and the bearded Superstar made his in – ring return at WrestleMania 34.

The leader of Absolution mentioned Bryan’s perseverance, and thanked Edge for his moral support. The former Divas Champion has going through some turbulent times over the past two years, and it remains to be seen if she accompanies Absolution going forward. However, the announcement could also mean that she will no longer work WWE shows, and will be taken of WWE television going forward.

We wish Paige the best of luck for her future.

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