Bayley and Scott Dawson injured, pulled from SummerSlam card

Last week on RAW, Bayley seemed to have hurt her shoulder during her bout. As the evening progressed, people started wondering if she really did injure herself.

WWE then released a statement, saying Bayley had legitimately hurt her shoulder during the bout. There was an air of uncertainty regarding her status for SummerSlam. Last night, the worst possible news surfaced – Bayley would not be able to compete at SummerSlam.

The former RAW Women’s Champion was scheduled to face the current champion, Alexa Bliss for the title. Bayley won the right to face Bliss, after beating her best friend, Sasha Banks in a singles match on RAW.

WWE broke the news last night that Bayley’s shoulder injury would prevent her from competing at SummerSlam. Either Sasha Banks or Nia Jax now will have the opportunity to face Bliss for the gold.

Scott Dawson injured, pulled from SummerSlam

Bayley wasn’t the only Superstar to have received some bad news this past weekend. Scott Dawson, one half of The Revival, recently suffered an injury to his right bicep. Images surfaced of Dawson’s right arm heavily taped this past weekend, and it was reported that he had to undergo a surgery.

WWE confirmed those rumours yesterday, which essentially rules out any chance of Dawson returning by the end of the year. Scott is expected to be out of action for nearly six months. WWE further reported that Dawson had suffered a ruptured bicep, during a live event in Canada.

The Revival was expected to face Cesaro/Sheamus and Anderson/Gallows, in a triple threat match at SummerSlam for the RAW Tag Team Championship. The Revival weren’t pushed for months due to an injury suffered by Wilder, and were expected to be pushed going into SummerSlam.

However, with Dawson’s injury, those plans have been nixed.

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